Green Moon Lab

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w00t! daily 3rd and frontpage! (lol, my game's icon was pointing Magicpen2)

Important: The instruction at begining of the levels is only explained once, so read it.
If this game slow down your computer, press C to turn off the rotating camera.
Press R if you are stuck.

btw this is my first flash game.

update the PGFM is fixed
-grammar mistakes are now corrected (excuse my poor english)
-remove the annoying footstep SFX
-added a button that reset data
-easier purple challenge (40 seconds instead of 60)(oops, I made a mistake: if you made less than 60 seconds, it say goal not reached but don't worry: if you have over 40 seconds, you can still unlock secrets)

ps the Green Moon Lab isn't located on the moon, its only a name



good idea !! I am stuck in Level 18 but i think its gonna be just a matter of time till i get it...

@ outrage92.. u suck balls !!!
Ripoff of "Shift" ? no way.. the idea maybe somewhat the same but then you could say that .. .. uhm.. .. the violin is a ripoff of the guitar!! :-P

please make a sequel *thumbsup*


its a great jobreally great jon but really need a preloader!!! only go to my porfile and there you find a ummh, like a umm tutorial of the preloader in flash 8 OK!!!

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FXcorporation responds:

Well there is a preloader but it is the last thing the game load...


that was the best man just i couldnt get the challenges i only got the square one i couldnt do the W one or the spikeball one but best game EVER.

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FXcorporation responds:

try again until you get it ;)
my record: 76 31 and 36

Good game

Omg really good game and really original, but like some other guy said don't try to look too much like Portal. Your errors: sucurised you have to write it securised and congradulations you have to write it congratulations.

Omg c'est vraiment bon comme jeu, mais comme l'autre gars l'a dit, essaye pas de trop ressembler à Portal.


Goes well with Portal.

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Credits & Info

3.75 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2009
1:19 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle