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w00t! daily 3rd and frontpage! (lol, my game's icon was pointing Magicpen2)

Important: The instruction at begining of the levels is only explained once, so read it.
If this game slow down your computer, press C to turn off the rotating camera.
Press R if you are stuck.

btw this is my first flash game.

update the PGFM is fixed
-grammar mistakes are now corrected (excuse my poor english)
-remove the annoying footstep SFX
-added a button that reset data
-easier purple challenge (40 seconds instead of 60)(oops, I made a mistake: if you made less than 60 seconds, it say goal not reached but don't worry: if you have over 40 seconds, you can still unlock secrets)

ps the Green Moon Lab isn't located on the moon, its only a name



this game made me play 1h30. this is a geat game. Ton jeux est super et j'ai aimé ça.
j'ai réussi 60 seconde sur le purple challenge hahahaha. C'est cool pour ton premier jeux. et c'est mieux faite que mon jeux sur game...er. je vois que tu es plus fort que moi. bravo pour le FP OMG. j'espère que tes autres jeux seront aussi génial que celui la zomg. de uranus :P.

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FXcorporation responds:

salut, Anus. T'as hate au prochain jeux hen? T'as tu trouvé l'easter egg au niveau 13?

Really fun game

If you keep submitting games like this, your name will be known pretty quick.

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Very impressive

This is the sort of thing I love to see on Newgrounds: some kid comes on with a first submission that s/he actually puts time and effort in. Keep in mind that this thing should be comparable to stick fighting, tween-crazy Madness ripoffs and games without load screens, let alone working controls. And you've made it in the league of some of the top tier games of the current year (I mean lordy, it's on the front page.)

The only thing I would say is that the graphics aren't exactly stunning, but they're still decent and you're clearly a scripter and it's your first friggin movie so average-y graphics can easily be overlooked for this submission.

I've always been a gameplay>graphics kinda guy (hence the Wii connected to my TV) but if this had improved graphics, possibly touched up by an established animator, you could be huger than huge. Hell, you could be huger than huge if you keep up this kind of game. Congratulations.

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Sick game

This game is awesome, the idea s great, and the execution is good, one of the few games that I've really enjoyed recently, the one flaw that I could see was that your character moves way to slow, and the animation was a little too simplistic, other than that, it was perfect, looking forward to your next game

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I like the gameplay, and its definately a good idea with innovative design. I am having alot of trouble with the purple challenge. In my opinion, 30 seconds would be a reasonable time. Otherwise, I had a lot of fun with the game, and I look forward to more of your work!

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3.75 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2009
1:19 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle