Flash Sudoku

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This my first attempt at a Flash game. Better games will come in the future but this game was meant to teach me Flash. Hopefully people will still like it even though there are hundreds of Sudoku games already. :-)


Simple and fun

The music gets very boring.
But the idea is splendid.
You did an okay work on programming.
Although it could use a better design.

Sudoku is Love%u2665

Sudoku is my all time favourite :D
My computer is really crappy and slow, but I was able to load this easily.
You also have a high score board, which adds a sweet touch~!
Only an 8 cause it's not as original as other NG games D:
And also the music started to be repetitive. You can turn your speakers off, but you know... it would be nice to have a good song to go with the game.
Look forward to your future games :)

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It's good:

But I swear I've heard that music before... D: Ah well.

Very well done. Must have taken some time to get all the dynamic boxes against all the others. Tons of coding. D: Good job for that.

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sudoku is cool, but u could be make it some levels a little bit harder

so, thats it. Nice JOB!!


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didnt even played it

i just went through the game and looked at it......and i say this is simple and not bad
good job!

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3.41 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2009
1:02 PM EST
Puzzles - Other