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Waiting for Go Bus

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Thanks for taking the time to play Waiting for Go Bus. This is an experimental project in creating an anti-game of sorts, replacing action with inaction, fantasy with everyday reality, and frenetic pacing with slowness. Entirely shot, edited, designed and developed in 12 hours. A meditation inspired by the Samuel Beckett play, a collaboration between game designers, and the Auckland bus system. :-) We hope you love it or hate it.


Makes more sense when you read the author comments

At first, I'll admit I had no clue what you were going for but then I understood that the lack of action was the whole point. It's not so much a game as an interactive art project but from what I can tell, that's what you were going for.
Not a bad effort but I reckon most people on here (probably myself included) aren't artistically-minded enough to fully appreciate it. ;)


It was strange, I know you were going for something different, and your diffence if the only reason you got any stars from me at all, but it is useless. You click those 2 guys, the end.

Someone said stupid....

....thats what they said about Quentin Tarantino. Dismiss the a holes,..you have done something totally different and cool.

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something diferent.

When your taking photos try panorama assist mode ,that realy helps for me .

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i think i get the concept, but i just didnt know what to do in the "game", i mean, what did you have to do for gods sake, all i found was lag, and two guys you could click?? surely theres more to this.

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2.58 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2009
6:13 AM EST
Simulation - Other