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Wow! I finally have a file I made that wasn't blammed (yet)! Thank you for keeping this up here, Tom and thank you everyone else for keeping the votes high enough!

I am currently working on a save feature that will allow you to save your cube and open it back up at a later time

One thing I have to say: Since this game is a Rubik's Cube game, I have a whole lot of trouble solving it.

Click on the way you wish to turn from one of the 3 options on the left hand side and then click on a row or column on the cube to rotate it. You have to move the mouse in the opposite direction than the way in which you want to turn while holding the button down. Also, press and hold the mouse button on the background and move your mouse to rotate the Cube.

PLEASE REVIEW!!! I want to know what everyone thinks of my game.

(C)2009 by Adam Young


the game is ok but it needs to have the controls all in one instead of them being separate.

Good but turning is terrible

I can solve the thing in real life, but some reason i cant turn middle part or turn vertically :O

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The controls were utter shit on a pan, I couldn't believe how badly this was made. It didn't even matter which way I turned my mouse; I had to keep choosing which fucking "rotation axis" I wanted to move for every side. Executing Fridrich on this was impossible; I sat here for a good 4 minutes putting the cross together and F2L was a complete mess. I wasn't going to even try OLL and PLL.

Maybe when you get some controls figured out I'll play, but this was just fucking ridiculous.

AdamYoung27 responds:

WOW! CONGRADULATIONS! You are the first IDIOT to review this game! Everyone else who has posted a review loved this
money-saver! So why don't you, i-own-all?


that was actually pretty cool. just as hard as an actual rubiks cube tho... someday i'll get it haha. once i got a hang of the controlls, it made sense. i like it.

AdamYoung27 responds:

It would have been easier to figure out the controls if you READ THE AUTHOR'S NOTES in some submissions

Meh, it's okay.

but it's really herd to get the controls down. I like how the cube will preview where the piece will rotate before you let go but i don't like having to click the sides to rotate a different direction. find a way so that i can rotate any side in any direction just by dragging it. But I do like the slow rotation of the cube, it makes it easier for me to see what i'm doing. this HAS potential and I believe in you! (lol "I believe!") it just needs slight improvement.

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3.23 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2009
1:24 AM EST
Puzzles - Other