Run Jump Fall

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Well, this is my first flash movie I have everdone. I've done animations that are one youtube, using MS Paint and Window Movie Maker. But at my school we have a flash class which was added before the new school year began (by the way, I'm a Junior). The flash class are using iMac and is the only room in the school that have imacs (well, besides the video production classwhich one has one). Everywhere else is a Window XP.

It's basically a 30 sec shot of something "random" so I hope you enjoy this piece of "randomness"
and have a great day. Thank you.
I realise that some of you are saying to put music in, but we havent got that far.
But thanks for saying something.


Not bad.

I'm going to assume that this was your first animation. Due to that sircumstance, it was quite good for a first try. The animation was a little choppy but it is to be expected from a beginner. Next time just take more time smoothing out your animations and maybe add some audio and I'm sure you'll have a much better animation. Keep it up!

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zimie responds:

yes, this was my first time using Flash. And thank you for the positive comment. Next, (hopefully) there will be music.


wheres the sound?????

Didn't understand the concept but....

I thought for a first ever flash you did pretty good agree with everyone else that sound/music makes any flash so thats a must for your next one but you've set pretty good foundations here....


wasn't much to it, but you did say it was your first flash, so I won't be harsh on you.
I liked the one kind of animation but didn't understand what was going on, maybe add some noise or sound, would have been good. But otherwise okay try for starting out.

from, josiah10

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Not sure what to say... No music which is obviously bad but I dont have any submissions so what can I say?! It was ok.

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1.55 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2009
9:01 PM EST