Introductions & Singing

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-Will I find out how to make an introduction?
-Will I ever sing?
-Will I ever ask those guys what they're doing in the background?
These question MAY be answered in this flash.

There is a button to see the computer screens. (Which is what makes this movie so big)

EDIT: I guess I can't complain about the ratings, considering this is what I get after three hours of work.



I would just like to say that I gave ya a 10/10
i thought it was kinda funny
and the animation was cool
put that together and you get 11!!!!
but i can only vote on a 10.....
so ya~
rock on~ XD

TaerkEX responds:

Why, thank you!

Didn't that dude compete in singing bee?

You'r talanted, with some more traning you can become real good with flashes.
Do something longer next time so we can se if you can keep up the laughs.

TaerkEX responds:

Most of my current flashes are meant to be training for a large-scale project I have planned. Thanks for the review.

Short and Sweet

Great job with this! Background with movies playing is great, preloader is unique too!

My only complaint is the quality of your voice overs, you should build a pop-filter to place over your mic when doing voice overs, it keeps the sound clean and prevents those blasts of air from recording through. You can build your own for as little as $3, just google it or look it up on youtube or something.

Besides that, great work!

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TaerkEX responds:

Yeah, I made the computers play what I would see at school.
Also, I recorded this at school with a lower quality mic. I'll use the better one next time.

(The PCs are what you'd see if you went to my school during lunch.)


and the far right computer screen had combat arms on it didn't it?

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TaerkEX responds:

Yes, it did.

Short But Good

The sound effects were awesome. When the guy started to sing I seriously loled

TaerkEX responds:

So did I. He did better than I thought he would, as I can't sing.

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3.30 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2009
8:55 PM EST