Rihanna's Revenge

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[Update - Now actually beatable!]

Punch, uppercut and build combos in this celebrity boxing game

Play as Rihanna as you take revenge against Chris Brown in this intense celebrity boxing game. Build up combos as you punch and uppercut your way to victory!

[Update - Get Left-right Combos by alternating left and right punches and timing right. Uppercuts keep your combo going so you can knock Chris out faster and get even more points.]

Left arrow - Punch left
Right arrow - Punch right
Up arrow - Uppercut, once charged
P - Pause

[Update - Thanks for all the comments, both positive and negative. We made a few minor changes, including in-game How-to-play instructions, uppercut animation, and Chris getting knocked out when you get his health to zero. Sorry these weren't in the first version!]



this is an awsome game

Not super-impressed

Framerate inconsistency made it kind of tough to get the combo timing right- especially when stars would fly up for getting a certain number of combos in a row. Overall, it was polished and I liked the art style, but it just wasn't enough. Compared to the Kevin Federline beat 'em up that NG put out, this game just doesn't have enough personality. Professionally done, but the only thing that sets this apart is Chris Brown. And fuck him.


i beat dis game

Not bad.

Domestic violence? Not fun. I hope Chris Brown's career suffers for what he did to Rihanna. Even though I don't like her music, I still feel sorry for her. The game itself is fun. Very well made, with a nice combo system, although a bit too simple. Once you get the hang of the combo system, you can take Chris down in seconds - there's no challenge. Then again, having to actually, y'know, fight him would've missed the whole point, since this game is simply about you, as Rihanna, getting revenge on a helpless Chris Brown. I also feel that there should've been a better ending for when you beat him, instead of just a knockout animation for Chris and the same ending screen that you get if you lose.

Oh, and WOW! They're finally updating the Assassin page again! Last time they did that was with Chris Crocker in a Blender back in '07! I used to love the Assassin games, and I figured that there would be more of them in this age of annoying, overexposed celebritarts. Let's see some more of these games!

It was cool

Good job more stuff like this and ill vote better...

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3.14 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2009
1:37 AM EST
Sports - Boxing