Rihanna's Revenge

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[Update - Now actually beatable!]

Punch, uppercut and build combos in this celebrity boxing game

Play as Rihanna as you take revenge against Chris Brown in this intense celebrity boxing game. Build up combos as you punch and uppercut your way to victory!

[Update - Get Left-right Combos by alternating left and right punches and timing right. Uppercuts keep your combo going so you can knock Chris out faster and get even more points.]

Left arrow - Punch left
Right arrow - Punch right
Up arrow - Uppercut, once charged
P - Pause

[Update - Thanks for all the comments, both positive and negative. We made a few minor changes, including in-game How-to-play instructions, uppercut animation, and Chris getting knocked out when you get his health to zero. Sorry these weren't in the first version!]



tru luv with both their faces messed up LOL

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im sure rihana wishs she could of done that for real lol XD

Does anybody remember K-Fed Dancing with Fire?

I remember that game. Good damn game. Funny too. I Granted, it was made by the NG head honchos. Still, I was hoping this would be somewhat similar. But no, it's a piece of poo. Oh well.

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This is the tamest "Mature" game I've ever seen on Newgrounds. There's no real strategy to playing this, the uppercut is useless, it gets repetitive after roughly 5 seconds, and it's interesting to play for probably less than that amount of time. I just find it really uncreative as a whole.

I'm probably being way, WAY too generous giving this a 2, but whatever.

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Great Artwork!

How do I say this without being mean? Ummm IT SUCKS! lol (not to be harsh). the problems with it was that it was unplayable and it got repetative, and boring. The artwork was great though! Keep it up! :)

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3.14 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2009
1:37 AM EST
Sports - Boxing