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Welcome to the "In My Arms Collab." This collaboration was an effort created by Sean Ruediger, as he grouped up his favorite artists from the Aura-Core, and also got help from a few other known artists on Newgrounds.com.

This collab is a beautiful piece, and expresses the more serious side of collabs, rather than 2-hour time trials, or just gibberish. This suppose to show the purpose of bringing out the more serious side of artists on Newgrounds, rather than comedy bits involving Super Mario, or anything of that sort.

Our goal was to complete a piece with one color scheme, and adapt it using various art techniques to apply shade, and texture to our artwork and animation. This challenge was faced by using cross-hatch and other art techniques, which made this collab rather unique in it's own way.

It's a very personal, and heart-filled collaboration, as I created it dedicated to someone dear to me. Mogly has also put his heart and soul into his piece as well. We are inspired to make more meaningful collaborations on the site, and hope to do so sometime in the near future.

Taking about 3 months, this collab has been concluded and faced it's time in the portal. I hope you enjoy the outcome of this. We faced a few problems, which included surgery, pain, and waiting on people to finish their work -- but the outcome is quite beautiful, and I'm proud to work with the artists I have with this collab.

Thank you everyone for taking part in this collab. Thank you the whole crew, but mostly, Thank you the Aura-Core for making this possible; Tarienn for special FX and intro, GatekeeperGirl for her amazing animation skills, as well as Jeinu for his two submissions he entered in this as well, which were beautiful. Also, I can't forget Theo-Art's for his amazing work as well!

It's such an honor to release such a serious piece, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

People who took part;
Andy-Parker, AtomicNoodle, KartuneHustla, Jeinu, Tarienn, Tystarr, Theo-Art, Gate-Keeper-Girl, KartMan, Five-Iron, Mogly, NathanielMilburn and Osuka.

Thank you Winterwind-NS for the intro music as well.

///Thank you for Front Page, and Daily 2nd! :)



Nothing more to say.

*Sniff* So Beautiful

First time I saw this I was a bit confused by the robot and the other miscellaneous parts, but in the end I still cried. The whole flash is such a touching and inspirational piece. Great work.

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Jon Foreman is awesome!

I really really really enjoyed this video :) like you have no idea, I am a HUGE Switchfoot/Jon Foreman fan just because his music and lyrics is just phenomenal, anyone can be touched in some way by his words. What an excellent song to fit such a well thought out animation. I don't really find anything wrong with the flash at all except things could have ran a little smoother and when the guy sang you could of made his lips enunciate the words better.

Well I liked the clash of different art styles put into this flash, it all fits together nicely and you guys all did a spectacular job, more power to ya! :) Hope to see more flashes from all you in the future! Keep up the great work!


P.S- I like the Coldplay choice at the credits :) they also so happen to be one of my favorite bands too :) tehe


I have....I...I just cannot explain it but i felt so touched by this

i felt like the cold hearted machine trying to love the doll.....no chance in hell.....god the world is shit......

but out of the three aura core videos ive seen i would have to say in my opinion that they are the best group on newgrounds


This is exactly how three years of my life is going to play out. All I want to do his hold him in my arms. When I cant....

Great short. Amazing details with the drawing! <3

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Mar 5, 2009
6:55 PM EST
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