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Author Comments

The comercial wasnt enough.
the crowd wanted more.
and more i have given.
though there is no crowd.
yet i still contribute.
i bet an asshole is going to make a review about these statements.
because they are jealous.
now eat that sandwich.
you could use the protien.
live it up.


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ok... wtf?

Its boring, unfunny, poorly drawn and animated and well... makes the sence... also, listen to the people and stop telling them to fuck off. They are giving you ideas and helping you and your acting like they are fucking faggots.

Practice... thats all you need to do... practice on you animating and MAYBE you wouldnt be getting such a low score. And try to be nice with people and their options instead of telling them to go fuck themselfs.

Boring and Short

This video has nothing to it...it last all of 30 seconds. Plus you have no idea when it is over at first cause the background doesn't change color. This without a doubt should be blammed. Also, people are giving you their opinion and all you say is f u. Some dude even said you had a good ryhme and you still said f u. This video is very stupid and has horrible animation you can do way better I am sure.

superuber responds:

i said fu you once.
actually twice now.
F U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My spam review was deleted! D:

Lol so uh yeah kinda funny :3

superuber responds:


hahahaha No

It wasn't serious, yet it wasn't funny either, and it had very poor animation.

Next time put some effort into it.
You get a "1" for whatever you managed to put into this thing.


superuber responds:



WTF?? way too short and made no sense...I gave you a 2 for being random and having a good rhyme

superuber responds:

f u