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A small game I made in the span of about 3 hours. If you do not know the characters, you should probably Wiki the game Touhou to understand it.

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this game was not just laggy it was unfair you were able to very easily find a place to stand in and shoot with no need to dodge there was no difficulty and the gamme was low quality

Most issues have already been stated below.

1. I found it slightly annoying because of the fact that the bullets looks more like shrapnel*, which made it annoying to see what was going on. In my eyes it just felt like a ton of shit flying randomly (and not as visually and aesthetically appealing like in Touhou itself).

*Shrapnel = Splinters (term mostly used in grenades after exploding)

2. I can deal with that you can't graze or use bombs, but yes. A long with that the bullets needed to be better made visually, not having the ability to "focus" made me feel handicapped.

3. Once again, if you could use a sprite of alice, why not Cirno?

and finally, this game lacks either Alice in Underworld, The Puppet-maker of Buccuresti or Tomboyish Beloved Daughter as a music theme rather than TP.


For a 3 hours work, it fairs well. But there's not any real point in making a game based of a brilliant game if you're not going to do some solid work in it.

Rating: 2

*1 Star for trying and albeit the limited time period, making a small little fun game.
*1 Star for adding a small little niché, naimly being able to rotate. Which in a normal touhou game, could change quite a lot.


This is a very old game to be reviewing now, but hey. I found it now, so why not.

The bullets should be bit slower and bigger i think.

A few things I wanna note:
1.Alice is a puppeteer, at least add an attack that involves dolls!
2.Cirno doesn't need a spaceship (Nitori?) to do danmaku.
3.You need a health bar.
4.The Grimoire of Alice isn't applicable for this fight. How about using Doll Judgement?
5.Where's the locked book Alice always carries along?
6.No bombs, graze, focus, or spells?!
7.If Cirno wanted to defeat Alice, she'd need help, like Reimu or something. Pick on someone your own size, Cirno, like Luna Child or something!
Lol, next time put it more like the ACTUAL Touhou.

not good

too flashy

Credits & Info

3.10 / 5.00

Mar 4, 2009
3:00 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional