Hard Love

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The idea for this movie came form a random doodle I did of a little turtle standing by a rock, and a single heart above his head. The image was very cute and touching, but also very sad... How could a rock love him back? I had the idea, but didn't have the urge to animate it... until I heard this song. A friend had sent it to me and after a few listens I said to myself "This is the song I'm gonna use for the turtle movie!" The original idea was more of a comedy, but the song mellowed it way out.

The turtle, Beep, is named after the song. Now THAT'S adorable.

I was a little limited by the length, so I didn't get all my ideas in. But I hope you guys like it for what it is!


Easily the best thing you have ever done.

Im sure alot of people will complain about the simplicity of the animation and all that jazz, but i think it complemented the music nicely and was actually more visually appealing then anything else you have ever done. I wish you would invest more time into these sort of shorts then into your god awful parodies.

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Slow tweens.

The movie was a real basic example of what you can do. Your animations are always so limited by your constant use of tweens. I was hoping over time I could at least see improvement in how you went about animations, how you could make a tween look at least a bit more attractive. Sadly I was mistaken.

Sorry :C

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THis video made me cry inside a bit lol so touching

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That was sweet.

I really liked it. I love the emotion you put into it and I apprectiated how you animated TO the music rather than busting them separate. Especially for a song like this, that was a good choice to keep it relatively synced.

Im sure you know the faults. At times the mc (when you had him walking) overlapped the rock in the wrong sense- as in his foot was on the rock rather than on the grass- not worth a deduction though, really.

<...... QQ

I like turtles!

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Mar 3, 2009
7:12 PM EST