Hard Love

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The idea for this movie came form a random doodle I did of a little turtle standing by a rock, and a single heart above his head. The image was very cute and touching, but also very sad... How could a rock love him back? I had the idea, but didn't have the urge to animate it... until I heard this song. A friend had sent it to me and after a few listens I said to myself "This is the song I'm gonna use for the turtle movie!" The original idea was more of a comedy, but the song mellowed it way out.

The turtle, Beep, is named after the song. Now THAT'S adorable.

I was a little limited by the length, so I didn't get all my ideas in. But I hope you guys like it for what it is!


Aaaaw, very sweet.

Joey hasn't done a stand alone animation in yonks so I thought that this was pretty cool. There's something really sad about this animation that reminds me of my teddy bear and how even when I learnt of its inanimacy I continued to sleep with it just because the emotional connection, no matter how irrational, was still there. I guess that's how Mr Turtle felt about the rock and I suppose it doesn't matter whether he knew it couldn't love him back or not. I liked it, and even though I don't really like the song I thought it was perfect for the context. Nice animation, good story and overall good. Give us more Blanchette!

Great animation

that alone deserves a 10!


Poor lil' guy...the animation and the song reached out and tugged at my heart-strings. All-around, it's incredibly cute...this is a flash to show girlfriends of Newgrounders to prove we're not all a bunch of video game parodies.

This was sweet...we need more stuff like this.

You still got it, Joe. Welcome back!

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Kinda reminds me of WALL-E.

good one

I think it was a good length if it was to long it might take away from the effect of it a little, you can use your ideas some other time

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4.38 / 5.00

Mar 3, 2009
7:12 PM EST