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Hard Love

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The idea for this movie came form a random doodle I did of a little turtle standing by a rock, and a single heart above his head. The image was very cute and touching, but also very sad... How could a rock love him back? I had the idea, but didn't have the urge to animate it... until I heard this song. A friend had sent it to me and after a few listens I said to myself "This is the song I'm gonna use for the turtle movie!" The original idea was more of a comedy, but the song mellowed it way out.

The turtle, Beep, is named after the song. Now THAT'S adorable.

I was a little limited by the length, so I didn't get all my ideas in. But I hope you guys like it for what it is!

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Hi. This video has been a thing between my mom and I since you uploaded it in 2009. It's given me a lot of feelings over the years. I wanted to thank you dearly. I always worry it'll be taken down somehow. With Flash ending in December or not I came back one more time in case that will make it disappear, but if not then I will always come back and remember how much this meant to me, even if it only was a silly doodle you may have forgotten you uploaded. Thank you.

i am a big fan of people putting their emotions out into the world like this. i am also a long time fan of LegendaryFrog. especially all of their lord of the rings work. but back to this animation, it is very beautiful, no matter how small the inspiration was. i really enjoyed this!

I loved this. The animation is nice and so is the story plot. It's kind of sad but the song makes it feel that i shouldn't feel sad. I also like turtles.

Geez, who put this onions near my keyboard?! D':

So sad :(
Good job on the animation though, keep up the good work