Up, Up & Away

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This is my first AHHH I wanna throw my computer across the room game!

Press the down arrow when a cloud hits you to jump off
you can go off the sides of the screen to appear on the other side (like pac man)

Please don't rate it low because of the difficulty of the game!
Have fun!
Hope everyone enjoys it!!

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The clouds need to go

They make the game unnecessarily difficult. They're completely un predictable. If you REALLY want to keep the clouds then at least have the game give a warning of when they're coming.


the gameplay is just a pain in the a*
it's impossible to see clouds coming in time, also it's hard to decide which way to choose as a wrong decission might keep you from being able to finish the level.
furthermore the game is very monotone.
hence i wont rate you very good, but the graphics are rather nice, so a few points to cheer u up.
you got talent there anyway, keep going and improving you skills!


meh it was ok noting i havent seen, had terible and akward controls........

Fun Game but Lacks Depth

The game was solid and my only major complaint was that the horizontal movement was preset which really limited the amount of freedom given to the player. I was forced to hold the down arrow to neutralize the clouds (I am not sure if this was an feature intended or not) but the difficulty was a bit high. I believe that there should be more warning for the clouds.

Also, I might scrap the entire goal area in order to beat a level. The game is difficult enough just navigating, let alone having to replay certain levels multiple times just to find the goal. Another solution would be to just make the window larger so the field of vision in increased.

After addressing those issues with the game, I highly suggest that you add some depth and innovative features to make your game stand out. As it plays right now, the game is fun for a few minutes but than just becomes tedious because there are no twists, upgrades, achievements, etc. that drive the player to continue. Especially given the difficulty of the game, most players will just decide to quit and never come back.

Hopefully you implement some of my advice and make your games much more popular here on Newgrounds!


I don't think this game should have clouds. Because there are so many other ways to die, and other things to deal with, I found I was mashing the down arrow all the time to avoid the clouds, which was annoying. The clouds don't add anything, and I think the game is about pathfinding - in which case it would be fine without them.

So, for my part, I think you should either give the clouds a purpose, or kick them out.

I did love the pathfinding aspect, and the spikes that moved. The game core is great, and I think it has a lot of potential to be an awesome game, but that this isn't quite it.

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4.07 / 5.00

Mar 3, 2009
2:22 PM EST
Adventure - Other