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Penguin in a microwave

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i made this all the way back in year 9 when i first learnt how to make buttons

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Add sound , add quality and this flash be perfect ... for penguin suicide lol

demonicfiendchild responds:

i was going to then i gave up because every one else told me it was shit


I <3 penguins but this made me giggle alittle. This was pretty much just flash training and I understand that. But the whole thing is like a ripoff of JoeCartoon's Frog in the Blender. I also hear your making a sequel. You shouldn't really do that because the jokes are going to be way too expected. Try work on other flashes besides a sequel to something you made when you were young.

demonicfiendchild responds:

OKAI < i shall scrap that then and make something good thanks for the review


Lmao, pwned.

I didn't think it was all that bad, to be honest

I've seen better, but I've definately seen much worse. Saying that, it looks like you're at about the same level as I am flash-ability wise, and so all I can recommend is to practice, because you obviously have potential. You'd be renowned as a genius if this was submitted around "Bin-Laden-In-A-Blender" times, so I don't see why everyone's being so mean to you. Add a little music, slightly better animation, more killing features etc and even this could be pretty good.


demonicfiendchild responds:

lol i made this in like year 9 dude my flash was mostly terrible frame by frame animation and now its better but all the stuff i submit sucks because i cant write scripts for shit and i dont waste any good animation on terrible scripts lol

Full of problems, but has hope...

It's highly inaccurate, badly animated and has no replay value or entertainment value.

The good point is thatjavascript:submission_controller.
GetReviewController().SaveReview(); it's an .swf, so well done... It's a start...