The Monster Art Collab

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This Bestiary has more than 100 monster profiles from different NG contributors. They have not only provided artwork but also bits of facts or stories about their monster. Some monsters have their desciptions bound inside columns which means that the artist did not provide information. There are a lot of artists which are not co-authored but their usernames are mentioned inside the book. You may proceed. Enjoy!

*Co-authors will be added as soon as the invitaions are approved. Invitations were sent to those contributors whose submissions stood out best.

The Original Thread:
http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1019124/13

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I'm glad i was a part of this

Thanks. This turned out very well. I only have one problem... under my Sea Ogre, my name was spelled wrong. I am not AutoCraft. lol. I'm TheAutocrat. Just letting you know. Thanks.

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d-z responds:

Lol sorry about that, i always do these stuff in the morning after a long night.

I'm near the end.

You spelled my name wrong lol :)

d-z responds:

Really? Sorry dude :-)

It's hard to remember

There's just so much cool stuff here, I can not even remember any of the stuff that was put up! It was great that so many people contributed to this. In fact, I haven't even heard of most of you, so it's cool to be introduced to new people and their styles. The music was also pretty chilling and fit the theme quite well. There was just a massive collection of crazy drawings, you could just go and click through the whole thing all day. Even brief glimpses will make you appreciate all the unique stuff.

Monstrous! :)

There's a lot in this, a lot of drawings, a lot of information, and all grouped together by a nice interface and semicreepy music. The filesize is gigantic, and it wouldn't surprise me if it could have been sliced in half with some better compression, but overall it's a good flash. Some hover-over button effects and an easier breadcrumb nav would be nice, otherwise it's great, keep it going!



Might want to bump this up to M with the dude in their with the penis

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Mar 3, 2009
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