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This Bestiary has more than 100 monster profiles from different NG contributors. They have not only provided artwork but also bits of facts or stories about their monster. Some monsters have their desciptions bound inside columns which means that the artist did not provide information. There are a lot of artists which are not co-authored but their usernames are mentioned inside the book. You may proceed. Enjoy!

*Co-authors will be added as soon as the invitaions are approved. Invitations were sent to those contributors whose submissions stood out best.

The Original Thread:
http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1019124/13

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weird but its pretty cool.

This is a great collab, but plenty of these pictures are quite mediocre, some of which are not good at all. I did enjoy the several that came with great pictures and fantastic descriptions though (plenty of Denzel-Crocker's pics come to mind). Those were pretty awesome in my opinion. Also, this needs to have its rating bumped up to Mature. There are plenty of genitalia throughout this collab.

Well first of all, I think the idea of a bestiary is very great. it gives artists inspiration and game developers can look here if they need inspiration for a game and even contact the original artist. So it supports the collaboration of artists, and thats a great thing.

The design of the book and the idea of different chapters are great, too.

But there is one big negative aspect: Most of the drawings are of a very bad quality. They are doodles and I think some of the artists didnt invest a lot of time and effort in them, Some of the monsters look like some MS Paint mess wich I can do by myself, and I dont call myself an artist. (There are some quite good drawings, thought. but most of them arent very good).

So, dear d-z, If you want to make a second bestiary (wich would be great), you should be more selective and dont take every mess. YOu can make it like some sort of contest, the best 150 creatures make it into the bestiary. That would highly increase the quality of the book and also would be a better advertisement for the artist.

I may seem super critical compared to the other reviewers, well that probably has to do with the fact that I am. Most of these are awful, out of proportioned, poorly thought out messes of low resolution paint drawings and "doodles". The concept was cool, like a bestiary of sort and I liked the "regions" or sections, but it was generally poorly done you ruined it. The background art I liked, but would have tidied it up to make it into a more traditional japan art motif. All of the monsters should have had transparent backgrounds or integrated backgrounds with the page. For a collab that only required the users to submit a couple of pictures they sure were lazy, I'm sure if they had revised their drawings a few times it would have turned out much better.


This shoulda been rated M for obvious reasons.

Other than that, the contributors shoulda been more serious. Most are pretty bad and lacking interesting description. It would be interesting if the monster are some spin off from our world myth.

Loved the depression and jealousy, emotion embodied into a physical being.

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Mar 3, 2009
12:46 AM EST
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