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Fish Tank!

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Author Comments

Hey, so this is the first thing I've submitted to NG in well over a year, and also the first flash I've ever had sponsored.
The game is called Fish Tank. It is mostly about figuring out what you are supposed to be doing, and then doing that. The controls are explained in the game, but if you can't get the hang of it, here they are again:

Use left and right to "swim"
Press back to slow down/reverse
Space fires your laser
Shift to pause

And that's it. I hope you enjoy it!

Sponsored by Armor Games.
http://www.armorgames.com /

Video walkthrough here:
http://armorgames.com/gui de/Fish-Tank-Video-Walk-T hrough

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The stolen sound effect from Commander Keen is funny at first. Until you hear it 50 times that is. And then it is followed up with all those stolen sound effects from Doom on top of it, the teleport sound, the flip switching, the door opening, the rocket launcher in the last level, and it kind of pisses me off. The only thing that WASN'T a sound effect stolen from ID software is that godawful beeping at the beginning and the godawful music that played all through it. A pity you didn't rip off any of their video game music while you were at it. You could credit it and it would mostly be forgivable too.

And then comes that awkward moment after you've run into 50 walls when you realize that you could go BACKWARDS the whole time, moving forward while turning to the left, and moving forward while turning to the left weren't your only options, you could also go straight and backward. Boy did the game suddenly get a whole lot easier when I discovered that. Virtually every level is easy peasy if you just do it slowly. Well once you get chompers and the bugzapper circles that turn white then you can be in a hurry but it's still about going slowly because there will be safe spots where you can camp until it is safe, and you can meticulously turn around by going back a little bit and forward/turning a little bit repeatedly.

By the way, it's REALLY easy to win the last level (level 19) with the rockets. All you have to do is hold down the "shoot button and hold down the left button so you go in a small circle and never stop shooting. Or the right button. I don't know if you intentionally realized you had such a gaping weakness in the final boss level there.

It's a functional game with no actual bugs per se but it's disappointing. I think it crosses the line from homage to ID software games to just flat out stealing their sound effects since the game itself wasn't an homage to anything of theirs but rather something original (which on its own is good), and it was a tedious game to go through but not very hard. Tedious but not very hard is not a good combination.

I really like this :)

I am sorry, but I could not get into this. Its main problem was that the controls weren't that good. I wish you could just go in a straight line. You didn't have to make it hard like that. I still think it's a pretty original concept. I like the idea of operating your laser like that.

I just couldn't get good aim. I guess the environment is quite nice. I was just too wobbly. At least most people like this. It did little for me.

I say it sucks


gave up at level 16. unbeatable at my accumulated level of twitchiness from the previous ones.

controls could be more predictable. you can't get past the chompers without tapping left-right-left-right quickly in order to move as straight as possible, and it seems that a fraction of a second between taps can make a difference, because you drift off in one direction or the other about half the time.

and that death sound is just, well... mean.

everything else about this game is excellent. very stylish, nice level names, doesn't get repetitive. you keep going because you want to see what comes next. and the absence of a forward button is kind of the point.

Credits & Info

4.06 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2009
5:48 PM EST