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Zero in his apartment

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Well here it is. My first submission on Newgrounds.
It didn't turn out how I'd liked it to, because I was too eager to submit. But I still hope, that it isn't too bad.
It's about Zero just walking around in his apartment and don't kowing what to do.
Originally I had something with Samus in my mind. Well she's in there too, but the title as it appears in the movie is the wrong one. As you will see, it has not much to do with Metroid. I apologize for that.

Please leave constructive critique. It would be of great help.


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After just watching "stevens destiny"

I came here to see what crap made it through without being blammed.
Well, this is good work and I'd like to see more of it; why did you submit that crap?

Karttibone responds:

Erm sorry. Actually we didn't mean to spam NG but my friend was sick, so I went over to him and he wanted to know some things about flash. I told him and we made "stevens destiny" as kind of a test movie. We were just doing some silly stuff and suddenly I suggested "Come on let's submit this crap and see if it comes through" and then we were just laughing the whole time, because we knew that bullsh*t will get blammed.
Later today he submitted another movie, but what he did surprised even me, so go check it out (it's called "a known disease")
Anyways thank's for your review.

hell yes!

Hey Karttibone, i didnt expect that from you, really! I have no idea about making flash but i liked this one! If you think your voice is stupid, feel free to ask, its just 100 meters away ;)
I really laughed a bit but yeah: it would be a "8" with real voices!

Karttibone responds:

hell yes! XD

not bad

while this wasn't the best fkash iv ever seen, it was funny, i think that real voices, could really make this flash better, and maybe make it longer.... well good luck on future submissions

Karttibone responds:

Thanks a lot.
Yeah, I thought about real voices, but my voice sucks and before I make Real-Voice-Movies I wanted to know about my animation skill.
Actually I'm a pretty lazy ass so no wonder the animation is short, but I keep that in mind and will make future animations longer.

Not Bad Your First Time

Even though Zero was just walking around pretty much, you showed me that a lot of work doesn'tr have to go into an animation to make it look good. You did well with the sprites. Although the intro song seemed to be a little bit of a blair so I would just make it a little more smoother. Good luck on future flashes!

Karttibone responds:

Thank you very much.
Yeah the Intro I made a long time ago and now I just forgot to change it.