Marichu VS Curse-R

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The following short doesn't exist (story-wise)!
The characters showing are not related with the recent characters, including their fighting style and shouldn't be compared with the series.

Okay now that I've told some unimportant things, here some comments...=P

This short was intended to be for a Super Mario Bros Z: Collab. But since I'm too late, I can't submit my part to them.
So I'm posting mine on my own.

My spriting style was a bit (more or less) realistic then most others, so I wanted a change of pace for once.
This isn't really my type of animating though, of what I can see, so I will stick with my previous style.

Have Fun and vote High 5. d(^o^)b

Oh, do I need to mention, that I did the voice-acting! =D

To everythings's owner...lol
65% edited by me


we need

we need more voilance we need more blood and more figthing >:O 5/5

great!!!!!!you rock!!!!!!

xd good flash

nice sprites!

great custom sprite work! the 3D effects could use some work, but this is a sweet fight. too bad it isnt longer...


U have a great talent in mixing sprites! Keep it up! 9 is because there wasn't any background during the battle. Btw, can you tell what is yuor other plans on mixing characters?

Pkmn2 responds:

I don't have any other plans of mixing characters. =P

Very good

I know it was going to be part of a collab, so I'm not rating 9 for it being short. Nor is it for using SMBZ animation style (I like how it came out by the way). It's a 9 since I believe you can do better. Add some background next time as well.

Pkmn2 responds:

Well, I wanted to use the NX Arena once again (and I will continue using it in the future)
This is an ordinary, "blank" space where random people fight each other...

Not really original, but hey. At least I use textures for the floor. Pretty much the only thing that was updated from my previous Arena from Mario VS Sonic. XB

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4.12 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2009
12:20 PM EST