The working title (Fixed)

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Hey guys this (i hope) will be my first working animation on newgrounds and hopefully more to come. anyways leave me a comment if you have anything to say otherwise happy traveling on the information super highway.


working on it...

this is kinda funny
the animation is kinda slow, but the speed of the dialaogue is way to fast if u have a whole paragraph to read...

garner16 responds:

thank you for the review and for the helpful tips and i hope that the next one will be better.

Not bad.

This animation was decent in some scenes,like where the second stickman shoots the other stickman with the gun.but in quite a few scenes the animation was a little choppy.the song choice was good though!so it needs improvement,but its not so bad.i have seen much worse.


garner16 responds:

thank you it was a lot of work and im glad you enjoyed it. and i hope the next video will be better.

what is that?

i don't think this is all you can do, there must be more. just try to improve your skills and do better, btw. the soundtrack is allright, that rescued al little in my opinion

garner16 responds:

thank you for your positive attitude and i hope my next installment will get a better response.

a working title indeed!

definitely keep working at it
you got something cooking
but my advice you need to spend
more hours on your work!
your own animation said so!
works Animation
works FX
works Sound

garner16 responds:

thank you for the advice and im happy you thought it wasn't the worst you'd ever seen... and i would appreciate any help such as links to a better sound fx website or anything at all. anyways im glad you enjoyed it and i hope the next installment is better.

Love skillet, movie's ok ;)

I love the music of skillet - falling inside the black :D
the movie's ok, not great but not bad, it made me laugh at some points, but you could improve the animations ;)

garner16 responds:

thank you for your comment and your laughter i greatly appreciated other peoples opinions on my work and i hope the next installment is a better one.

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Mar 2, 2009
9:19 AM EST