Fly Swatter; Guts & Glory

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(hint: if you get flies caught on outside take your mouse off the page to draw flies to middle). check instuctions (Pi from the old movie The Net).

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Pretty fun!

I enjoyed it, and as fas as I've seen it's pretty unique.
I, personally, would make it so the bugs don't get stuck on the sides.
But who am I to talk, I can't make a flash, period. haha
Good one, though!

Good and bad

I think what a lot of people are missing, is that it's difficult to program a game like this (making flies move away from the swatter to create challenge, but give the gamers a break by making the flies naturally move towards you too)

The game OBVIOUSLY needs some tweaking. Perhaps allow the fly swatter to cycle around the screen like the flies do. Or... minimize whatever variable(s) you're using to make the flies run away. Perhaps don't allow the flies to cycle at all (i can't remember but you might be able to set a coordinate outside of the screen)... or simply generate new flies when old ones go off the screen.

The point is: if you have to explain in your Intro how to deal with a glitch <flies getting caught> expect to get a lot of complaints.

All said, I know this game has a lot more potential.

PS Add squishing sounds, buzzing sounds, victory music, and possibly (boss) bugs that require multiple squashings.

swishcheese responds:

Thanks sorry it took so long to respond im pretty busy. anyway thanks for the advice. if or when i get to ill make the turn rate of the fly increase so when it gets near the edge it will turn and fly away towards the middle. And that is a great idea about the master bug thing. and ill put in some sound too. I just master how to mess with sound in flash about a week ago so im all set. and thanks again.

its bad, but not terrible.

Ive seen much worse, at least you got the idea right. it was a good idea.


Seen it before. Also, glitchy hit a fly five times and it didn't die then said I beat level.

seen it before

nothing new here for me, the same old fly swatting game i used to play on my super nintendo, and a poorly coded one at that, the flies kept dissapearing when i was over them, and then blinking. If you had taken the idea and tweaked it some, then i would have given you kudos for that, but other than that there isnt much you could do to change this game

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2.77 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2009
8:26 PM EST
Action - Shooter - First Person