8bit Dbz 3 (terror)

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I rushed the ending .


it was pretty good but it shorter than the first one which was like a minute long and that guy sounded like trunks and didn't say his name

Not as good as I thought it would be

I'm sorry about saying this, but i'm supposed to provide constructive critsism so here goes. The story was lacking in any structure whatsoever, however it was animated fairy well, it could of been a hell of a lot longer than that. Also were the hell are all these characters coming from you've got to show the veiwer instead of just making them appear, why the hell is everone beating eachother up in the first place. And further more don't rush the ending, take your time. Andyou've got to make the backgrounds more exiting instead of making them fight in one spot. But overall it was okay just put more time and effort into it. Good luck on your next episode hope it will be better than this.

- Wibs (Ryan Ibbotson) <(^-^)>

It's Ok, could be better...

The story and everything is actually pretty good, but one problem is the background doesn't match the style of the sprites and it really should've had music. The flash is kind of laggy too, you should fix that.

globep responds:

Yeah , I suck at bgs . Thanks for reviewing , Chdonga !
Oh , and you made some madness sprites haven't you ... I might be mistaking you for the wrong person .


well i watched all three and im not very impressed. maybe you could try adding some music in? it does make it kinda boreing without the music in it. also the stoyline is kinda weird not a whole lotta substance to it. add some spice to it. this has potential dont get me wrong but it needs A LOT of improvement, i hope this helps some

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globep responds:

Your wierd . You made a flash about ducks .


Won't bother with the long review again, I saw that you read my previous one.
Once again, backgrounds and music. You really improved on the text boxes well done. It was short, so make it longer the movie deserves it. And so what that you had the same ideas as someone else, that happens all the time. Just because someone else did it, doesn't make this bad. Once again solid animation and good sound effects. Keep it up, I look forward to the next ones.

globep responds:

Thanks , PrivateLord ! People always say that it's bad because I Made the same series as someone else .

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2.07 / 5.00

Mar 1, 2009
11:03 AM EST