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Steve is a stick figure who is bored. See what he gets up to in the world! Six scenes of stick figure hilarity!

Just for those who are wondering, TAAOS, the title of this, stands for 'The Adventurous Adventures of Steve". We didn't have enough space for the full name. :( Enjoy, review and rate fairly!

Parts 1, 3 and 5 by kokonut10
Parts 2, 4 and 6 by ZEGMAN
Music by ParagonX9

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Great as usual k10. u might wanna put that ghost1334652's NG file is Clown1.

kokonut10 responds:

There really isn't any point. All your stuff is on dA anyway.


Awesome, guys! Although you should stop the music (or noise :P) when the animation are going.

kokonut10 responds:

But then there would be no music. :( We were thinking of putting in different music for the scenes, but we would have to find six different songs, adding to the file size, and we didn't really want to do that.


What's with all the newfags on Newgrounds as of late? I've yet to see a new meme as good and overused as Shoop the Whoop.
And before I forget...the flash was okish but seeing as I know you, I'll have to give you 10/10 or you'll beat me up or something right?

kokonut10 responds:

Oh ya! >:)

Not funny.

-4 for having shoop (It's not 2007 anymore, Old meme is old)
-1 for the guy's body in the ocean falling down, when his body would in fact float up.

kokonut10 responds:

He's a stick figure. He defies the laws of physics.


I thought the picture scenes worked really well :D
and to 'NaiveDJack', the music is not supposed to turn off.

kokonut10 responds:

The picture scenes were true to my friend's original depiction of Steve. He use to edit him onto a random picture in some strange situation, and I thought it'd be good to animate some of them.