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Warning: This game is possibly the most hyper game you'll ever play, and if you have Epilepsy or Epileptic episodes... YOU SHOULD NOT PLAY THIS GAME!

A mix between the old arcade game "Brix" and a hint of Lochie. If you find this game difficult; Good!

Created by Lochie.
Featuring music by Rig, DaGrahamCraka, WritersBlock and NemesisTheory.

Very special thanks to MoFunZone.com for sponsoring this game.
And also to Sara, my lovely girlfriend, for testing and helping with levels and ideas. <3

View the game's best scorers at
www.mofunzone.com/game_sc ores/stickbrix/highscores .shtml

Instructions and controls are in-game.
Cheat codes can be found at my new post.
http://night-mare.newgrou nds.com/news/post/274196

EDIT: Daily 2nd, awesome, AND FRONTPAGE? omg too kind.


Im so high.

Isn't this just a game of some1 who gos high?
I mean it would be fun, if no1 was going high.
9999 pics of this and i would be dead because of em, pictures of being high.
K but now im back and im low, no im not high.

Its fun but..

But you can't see the ball when those damn combo ratings appear! Its interesting and hyper and an ADHD kids wet dream.. but I could never keep track of the ball when X6 COMBO Flashed across my screen and hid it...

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good idea, but...

you pretty much screwed it up with just TOO MUCH MOVEMENT. i dont have any seizure-illnesses, and even i couldnt handle it, just too much input.

make it a little less chaotic, and its very well playable.


good concept we all love those pong like wanna be games but i found 3 glitches which stopped me from beating the damn thing. the little baseball bat fu**ers hit my ball in a way that made it follow the sme exact path for >5min i restarted it at about 510 seconds of each glitch. 6/10 for glitches and needs a mute button or a volume button with possibly a few other songs if possible. but all around 6/10 good game i give hard reviews

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good game, but a lot of lags...
and theres too much animations in the back scene which distracts...

nice game!

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3.98 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2009
8:34 PM EST
Strategy - Other