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Superhero Slayers 3

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Superhero Slayers Reel 3

**EDIT: Fix the sounds and some parts for scene 1. The newer version has a v2 sign on the main menu

**EDIT: Thanks for the frontpage!
** The sound lagging problem is solved, but if there's any more bugs please let me know.

Continued from where we left off in Reel 2, the Superheroes faces the most powerful enemies ever and they will have to battle to survive. Watch all the marvel and DC heroes in action!
There's a little change from the previous reel as the story plot is getting more serious and less humor is involved this time. Hope you guys like it!

A couple of people who help out a lot in this movie:
Thanks D-Mac for helping with all the casting and the voice directing.
Thanks Shard Spider for helping me with the scripts and all the ideas!
Thanks all the fantastic VAs for their awesome voices!

Check out more on http://superheroslayers.b logspot.com/




Loved it, story line was awesome and voices heck everything was really on top of it all. !Please bring out more I'd like to see more of your work

This is slowly getting interesting

I never knew The Green Lantern knew Chinese (he said Hanzi). Also, considering the symbols used, I'm surprised he deduced it to be of Chinese origin. Of course, I guess you can still say Hanzi, considering they were only one symbol. I feel bad for Batman. He just drives forward, seeing the fire-breathing T-Rex, only to get stomped on. I'd like to also know what those darts were that went inside The Human Torch.

The animation has gotten noticeably better compared to the first SHS. As you've stated, there's sound synching problems. That's not -that- bad of a problem for me. As others have stated, Captain Marvel went down. And he was in a team. This shows that the enemy is strong, sure, but it kind of makes those who can believe this to feel that the enemy is too powerful. As for the skeptic side of this, it makes it seem as if this was some unintentional mistake, or some poor planning.

I like the voice acting. It really fits, in my opinion. I don't really like The Human Torch's eyes though. Both of them didn't seem to fit. Also, The Hulk lost the first time against the fire-breathing dinosaur, and he's supposed to be the strongest in the Marvel universe . . . well, I mean, he's even able to fight Thor on par. The Hulk Vs. movies show that, anyway. The strength seems to be inconsistent here, but it also shows that the enemy can summon creatures at that caliber.

All in all, I can't wait for the next part, and I'm enjoying the series so far. Keep up the great work! ^.^

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Not bad.

Not bad but I can't help but wonder why the DC and Marvel characters are together. I hope you plan to explain this. Why did Batman go down so lame. You spent time with an establishing shot of him prepping and going out for nothing. Also Captain Marvel down? Eh that's hard to believe. I do like you using the DCAU Hawkgirl that was kinda cool. Basically I'm just worried about your continuity and facts flowing. I definitely will keep watching, you have a lot of potential here for something great.

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Not bad...

The storyline is kinda cool but i was expecting more fight... Every time a fight started it cuts to another scene, but some parts were funny at least.


This was frikken awesome,..but who is the dope who thought this was DC based.

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Credits & Info

4.21 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2009
4:45 PM EST