Ruins of Able-Wyvern

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Ruins of Able-Wyvern (ARRA) - Explore the ancient Ruins of this Dread Castle in the first of 15 games from PBM³ convert from PBM/PBeM to the web. Choose your favorite game settings! Adventurers of Renown Gaming System is a Fantasy Role-Playing game of high adventure and legendary deeds. The Ruins of Able-Wyvern (ARRA) is the first introductory game module of man-to-Hero combat. 'The Ruins' provides your new characters the best place to begin their first few campaign adventures before going into game series -- Legends of Renown Deeds (LoRD). Winners in gladiatorial combat excel in abilities and Renown; losers gain shame and injuries!

Official web site since 2002: http://www.pbmcube.com/ar ra/arraindex.html
In those days -- the days of your father's father, when Weissheim was known as small way-side Inn -- Able-Wyvern was the seat of a strong thriving Kingdom. The destruction of Able-Wyvern came suddenly and without warning. Orc and Goblin hordes from the chaos lands sieged the castle with the aid of large hideous beasts known as the 'Wyverns'. The kingdom's Archmages, in defense, summoned 'The Ancients' to combat these monsters. The violence of the struggle laid waste to the once magnificent castle, and its inhabitants fled for two days toward the southeast to settle around the Inn of Weissheim. It is rumored that the Wyvern still return to the ruins to morn their fallen; some says the Wyvern are raising young there. Only an Adventurer of Renown%u2122 will learn the truth.

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I am sorry this game is actually terrible the enemies move the same way you do. It also has a flaw where if you can easily exit combat and just leave any room that you want to even if you didn't fight the enemies.

iplaywithfire is wrong, actually - you can use the arrow keys to move around and get into combat, and on the combat screen you can use your arrow keys to move towards the enemy (who are also controlled by your arrow keys, but move in the opposite direction?) and click attack. Eventually you kill them, or they kill you! Hooray. This is not at all obvious, with the way that clicking on doors moves you around - I only pressed them by mistake and noticed that my icon moved.

It's a terrible game, and iplaywithfire was right about that. Keep trying! Game 5 might be worth playing, and game 15 should be OK.


It simply doesn't work; for all the 'beware! a skeleton is here!'s and treasure chests, you cant do anything with them. You ned to sort out the combat mechanics and resubmit this

PBMCube responds:

What a jurk! Did you even play the game before posting????????

ok so...

your posting a game found on another website, that is supposed to be your website an or your game, but your advertising here on another site to gain.... uhm yeah ok, right

PBMCube responds:

This is my game asshole! It's been on the web since 2002; my first game I ever created. Naturally, it's going to be on other websites. DUH!!!!!!

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2.51 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2009
4:35 PM EST
Adventure - Other