Somali pirates

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Use the mouse to run the boat. When cursor %u043Ef your mouse far from a ship speed is increased.
Take ships and deliver them in port to get redemption.
The port is open only when lighthouse on the island is green.
A few ships delivered in port increase a money.
Beware black sheeps of NATO, they can take away a ships and arrest you.
Good Luck!

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this game is stupid, y do u get money if theres nothing to spend it on? i played for 5 seconds then got boared, y r these idiots rating it seven? this is the most retarded game ive ever played.

it was ok but...

you kinda lost me with the "Black SHEEPS of NATO"

i never knew sheep could be so deadly!...Or that they were a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization!?!?!

Not bad, need polish

Not a bad start, maybe make the ship graphics bigger, they are tiny. And weapons, need lots of weapons to fight off NATO!!!!

What he said

This could be a lot better, but it has a great concept!
Definitely needs a pause.
Needs some danger, and it needs a more pirate feel to it, it got boring kinda quick.
But other than that I think this could be an awesome game.

Has Potenial

The game has potential. The idea of basing a game on Somali pirates is good, but the gameplay and depth needs improvement. Some suggestions of mine are to include fighting and entering the dock. Being a pirate, you need weapons and supplies. You can't just go out catching ships without any supplies! It would also be cool to have upgrades. but the game is OK, and good work. :)

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3.50 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2009
12:34 PM EST
Action - Other