Erzuroom Escape 1: Room E

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You are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzle.

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Güzel oyun hocam ellerine sağlık bu arada ilk defa newgrounds'ta türk görmüyorsundur umarım ? :D

I cheated

And as long as the review below me is real, it doesnt work. *SPOILERS BELOW*

The mirror wont go under the bed.

The leg wont come off the table.

And damn it took me awhile to get behind the sink. The worst part is I tried those 2 things[those 2 above here], my first try (After awhile of course)

And then I said, no way can it be this hard (I tried everything again, and again)

I started thinking maybe I got to wait or keep at the door knob to get fed or something.

So whats going on, was it just hard to click? I know when I went to click on the leg I got a hand, but my guy wouldnt take it.

And I dont even get a hand for the mirror under the bed.

Good game otherwise, and if hes wrong, and I missed something...thats one insane beyond hard, HARD game.

very hard but did it!!!

1. go right twice and zoom in on sink. click to the right of sink to get wire.

2. then go right once and notice the note behind the books. use wire on the top drawer to the left to get knob. on bottom drawer get towel.

3. go left once and put knob on sink and turn on water. wet the towel and use it on the mirror.

4. go back to first scene and put mirror under bed. notice the tally marks 4 5 2.

5. go right 3 times. notice the 20 under the table. zoom in on the table and click the leg that has a stain 20 and it will come off. use the leg on the crack to left on of door. get metal bar.

6. go back to first scene. zoom in on window. hit the 4th bar 3 times. then hit the 5 bar 2 times. and the 2nd bar 4 times. a bird will come n drop food. collect it.

7. go right twice and click the bottom right of toilet and you come across to a mouse hole. put the food in front of it and the mouse will come and give you a key.

8. get key and go left and use on door. and your OUT!


how do you do it????
I honestly have no idea - im a cheater, i need to know how!


I like "room escape" games and this seems like its put together well. I have no idea how to beat it though :S

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3.52 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2009
9:11 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click