Megaman Vs Blaze Heatnix

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**bad news** idiot me; i put the .fla file only1 copy at my USB 16GB and it had to be formatted to work, and i...... did formatt it..... sorry mates i wouldnt be able to update the game :(

**update** i made a newer version of this game with more sounds and better sprites.

Hi every one, plz rate it good :)
I feel tired from making this game. it has no cheats but i like it this way. (***note*** :this is my first turn based game and the first game with sounds.)
sorry if the sounds are noisy cuz i recorded them.


too short but still good

It's a great game but it only has one level and is too easy. You shouldn't give us so many health packs.

xeasax responds:

lol, i made it with 100 E Tanks for my sisters and i forgot to change it

somewhat interesting....

although NG RPG's have come so far from the simplistic 1 on 1 back and fourth that used to besoawesome back in 2002. This really seemed more like a movie with buttons more then an actual RPG simply due to the fact that I could use any option an infinite amount of times. I mean maybe if it cost mp or something to use certain attacks then it would make it more difficult and more gamelike. Although even then this is still pretty random and there's no story before or after it. My advice would be too improve your game and maybe add a story and some special mp costing attacks. I know your probably still learning code and feel this is a great accomplishment that you wanted to share with everyone but honestly this is not up to par with the more modern RPG standards. I'm not trying to sound mean or anything but as someone who has created his own RPG's here on NG I figured I could give some good constructive advice. So, to conclude, keep learning AS, and try to improve your RPG system, then submit something that people will really enjoy playing. Hope this review helps

xeasax responds:

thanks, and ill try to do my best to improve this game but i have a problem:
in actionscript, if i wanted to make a movieclip go random between 3 and 4 , how do i do that?

to easy!!!

but is a good game

xeasax responds:

thanks i hope u enjoyed it


That was good, but you need more diverse enemy attacks, and more levels. Maybe some powerups, but nice battle style, and its a really good concept. Its pretty cool, and just low down the audio too, but other than that, its really great :D

xeasax responds:

ok thanks

I liked it

It was a little short and u get 100 lifes and all u have to do to win is press one button but i admire that you tried hard!

xeasax responds:

thank you

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2.65 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2009
1:53 AM EST
Action - Fighting - VS