Megaman Vs Blaze Heatnix

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**bad news** idiot me; i put the .fla file only1 copy at my USB 16GB and it had to be formatted to work, and i...... did formatt it..... sorry mates i wouldnt be able to update the game :(

**update** i made a newer version of this game with more sounds and better sprites.

Hi every one, plz rate it good :)
I feel tired from making this game. it has no cheats but i like it this way. (***note*** :this is my first turn based game and the first game with sounds.)
sorry if the sounds are noisy cuz i recorded them.


Keep it up

Good first try. Keep working with new stuff and you should be able to make more advanced games in time, but you did a good enough job.

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xeasax responds:

thank you very much but i think that my first successful game is about to die becuz everyone rates it about 2/5 plz rate it good.

As a stand-alone game, it's not very good.

However, as a test exercise at creating a turn-based system for a future game, it holds a certain amount of promise, though it definitely needs work. Specifically, if you're going to create a turn-based combat system you have to remember to add something that limits your use of attacks.

For instance, in a Mega Man game, you'd need to add a seperate Weapon Energy guage, and give each weapon an Energy Point cost. Otherwise, there's nothing to stop the player from just constantly spamming their most powerful attack which, in the case of 'this' game, is the ice shard attack thingy.

Similarly, if you're going to give us the option of using charged Buster or charged Special Weapon shots, you need to implement a penalty of not being able to attack during the round you spend charging. In addition, charging a Special Weapon should also have a higher Weapon Energy cost than a normal Special Weapon attack. Otherwise, again, there's never a reason to use anything 'except' charged shots.

So, basically, you've got the concept down, but it still needs a good deal of work to actually be viable.

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xeasax responds:

thank you for this valuable review but look at the bright side, i am a 12 year old boy and i made it all by my self using no one's help and had no course before but i learned a few information from toturials on the net.

ive seen better

ive seen better but it is still good in some ways

fun but short

this is fun and the graphics are cool and simple mouse clicking attacks are easy just the game is too short and too easy...make it longer and make it more difficult

xeasax responds:

this is one of my first steps to make a game like megaman x rpg


too easy..but pretty fun!

xeasax responds:

i hope you enjoyed it

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2.65 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2009
1:53 AM EST
Action - Fighting - VS