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EDIT 3: After almost a year of negligence, I have finally decided to make a sequel to this game, as none of you like this game. The sequel will feature :
Better players
Vista - Style buttons
and more.

EDIT 2: You need to figure out a way. There is only one way for level one. The animations are not choppy, 'cos I tested it in flash player 10. Why do you think i would submit it if that's the problem? Anyway, this is too much. TOO much. WAY TOO much. You have to figure out how to finish the levels, and, if you can't get past the first level, you're a dim-witted person. Anyway, I'm creating a walk-through so you can get past the 4 levels. I know that level 5 is impossible, cos you don't get there fast enough. I can't stop the character bouncing, but if I did, then if your fuel is empty, then you would continue flying. I used the function() command , so that "bouncing" problem is taken care of.

~ Gimmick


Pretty cool idea but...

The controls and animation are suuuuper choppy D: I couldn't even get past the first level for goodness sakes! Maybe if you considered the scale relationship between character and obstacle, fix your animation, and maybe spiff up the environment, It would be a much better game! However, if no one can encourage you then I guess theres nothing more I can say... Except I gave you 7/10 and a 4 because I'd like to see this really turn into a great game.

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nice music

this would be great for your first flash but it is not so 4 stars + 14 cuz of the music


hey dont let the haters get you down any way i thought it was ok yeah there were some glithces and things but thats what demos and testing it out is suppoed to find and so you can fix it also i hope to see what you can do via flah portal keep at it and you shall rox their sox its not like they could do better haha


what a waste of my time

Needs Major help

This was wayyyyy to glitchy to play.
Don't worry about the score. Just go ahead and make the full game because this has some easy fixes.
There could be better graphics. instead of just a light blue box platform draw something with detail and make it look appealing. Music is okay i guess. Maybe spread the platforms apart a little because i was getting stuck alot! Also the gameplay was kinda glitchy.

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Gimmick responds:

THAT's IT! I'm Dropping the project!!!!

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1.56 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2009
1:50 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop