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February 27, 2009 –
June 6, 2011
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UPDATE 9/4/09: there is someone voting 0 daily on this i am asking them KINDLY to stop please. its just rude. Thank you.

UPDATE 8/20/09: I appreciate the number of PM's i've received from fans but Pming isn't a substitute for leaving a review and voting it is an extra! :D so please VOTE and REVIEW.

Update: the easter egg is hidden in the "questions" try one before the 3/4th question.

UPDATE: question 17's correct answer has been fixed!

This is my best work yet! 20 questions 40 pictures and clean art work! World of Warcraft Hentai Quiz yes
its true! I was going going though my collection of hentai and decided i needed to make a hentai quiz :D
i know plenty of you will enjoy it where others... well they know who they are and they can be polite and move along. :D I love reviews so please tell me what you think!

Special Thanks to Hynidu my Co-Writer for helping me
with the questions, I couldn't have done it without you buddy

some of the questions are Difficult or might seem objective but i assure you there is a right answer for the difficult ones and the one that seem objective are actually based on fact! Enjoy!!!!


Your questions and answers are either wildly obscure (not to mention subject to change, like ability acquisition levels), inaccurate, or just plain wrong.

Thorium Point, for instance, is technically neutral territory along with Moonglade.

Druids don't have to wait until 68 to get flight form anymore. That change was made before this was even submitted.

Both Uldaman and Maraudon have a second entrance/exit, always have.

It's really difficult to get multiple choice questions right when there are multiple answers. Those inconsistencies coupled with the elementary-grade artwork makes for a very poor submission.

I can see you're an alliance fag

Lol just awnser the first question, on the picture you can use the forward trick :D

I don't play it, I guessed until the end. However, there should be a Gallery at the end, including the "secret" if you found it.

I found Easter Egg its the Q in the word Question in #14

hey man this is pretty good but I just cant find the damn easter egg! plz!!! can someone tell me where it is?? or at least give another clue?

How Do You Make Hentai Plz Show Me I'll Give 10 Star Vote 5 Plz Show Me Dude Reply

where do you find these pictures I want'em my self.

really nice, luckily ive played wow for like 4 years so just made 2 mistakes xD, anyway can u link me the song or send it to me or something?

Only one thing, Thorium Point is a neutral town

sweet....and i found the easter egg...very clever.....and where did you get the pics?

great but i cant find that easter egg

preety awesome man

hey first i just wanna say great job on collecting the pictures and making the quiz. im curious of where you got the pictures from cuz ive tried finding some like them and i used to be able to google something and get a link now i cant...where did you find the pictures?

i love the wallpapers and it was a nice game and i found the question a bit to easy :P

but i play wow alot so no wonder :P
but that easter egg that you say is on question 14 must be total pull shit :P
i have looked on that question for so damn long and i cant find it i even click all over the place like a mad man and i cant seem to find it
so it must be buged or something for me

anyway nice game and hope some one can find it easyer

I come here frequently and all ready have memorized the questions. I love the gallery, but I give it a Nine, but cause I think it could be better, but it's great overall

A closer hint to those who havn't found the easter egg. It's -IN- Q.14 That is about 2 more hints to where it is. Think about what I said, and think about it litterally--I've basiclly told you where it is.

arrgh weres the dam easter egg man?
i'v looked at Q.14 but i found nothing......

Finished it, and had to guess on the fp question.

all in all i like the quiz but just to let u know theirs a glitch in the quiz where u can view all the pics without answering them so i would tell u what it is but then i would mess the whole quit up for every one....
i couldnt find the hidden easter egg tho

Very nice gallery. The easter egg was kinda easy to find tho but all in all i really enjoyed drooling over these pictures lol. Keep up the good work :D

did u know question number 6 actualy has 2 correct answers
uldaman does have 2 entrances and also if u count the portal from the quest
mauradon has 3 entrances not 2
and isnt the punishment a bit severe most ppl play games like this for nice hentai pics not to be scared for days
and whats the moodglade ive never heard of that city b4 i know of a location
on the map in khalimdor called moonglade but its not a city and last i checked thorium point was neutral its the fp for the thorium brotherhood in burning steppes a neutral city should be something like booty bay or the everlook
alot of your questions make me think u never played wow just read about it on the internet or talked with ur buddy about it when he was drunk

come on man please i think the game is great but please where is the easter egg just pm me the location i swear i wont tell anyone

i didnt even get some of the questions ... dont rly play wow that much
btw funny wrong awnsers XD

wers the freaking easter egg man i cant find it :(

I love it, and I love the song, any chance you could send it to me? Keep up the good work

Nice pics man, wonder where i could get the song though haha

Man! wrong ansers can be really painful!!!!!!

10/1o from me would've been 9 but when i found easter egg it made it that much better

Cool just 1 question
Send me a link of where u got these pics =D

10/10 great quiz and great pics
P.S i love the song during the quiz any chance of sending it to me or letting me know where you got it

i beat it and i only cheated on 2 or three tings but the flight path one was a complete guess, however...WHERE THE FUTCH IS THE EASTER EGG i went on a clicking rampage and couldnot find it please help!

hey boss quiz lol, could you send me that song its boss ^^

um ... could you send me the song ? cause its cool xD

the scary pic's arent funny!!!!!! cuz they show up just like VROOM AND SCARE THE FACK OUT OF ME! xD

Lol,all u have to do is get the first answer right,then righ click when the picture comes up and click on ''forword'' or ''next'' whatever it says on you computer and if you press back it will go back to the last pic u saw...!

question 15 didnt show a pic when u get it right :O


The easter egg is in the Q on question 14

and im talking about both the porn and fail pics

I see you have a fondness for night elves. :P

Interesting way of organizing the quiz. The music makes you feel rushed and the fail pictures are actually better than the hentai itself. I'll give it a 5 for effort.


i liked it. I found the easter egg. It was hidden pretty well. Nice job

I like how all the questions have different fail pictures.
I would make the pass picture hotter & the fail pictures worse though...
Make more please !

I liked the hentai pictures thats about it..all and all it was allright for a quiz!

100% correct. Log into your account and check the well read achievement. There are 42 books on that list. You have the correct answer as 50.

It was ok. Porn is great but...most of the answers you gave are wrong. Well read achievement doesnt require 50 books, for one :P Anyways, i say meh.

Unless you played World of Warcraft, you're not gonna get any of these questions right. And the pictures aren't even worth it. No offence to the people who drew them.

This is not bad, i finish him but one thing you need to update (The hidden egg)
I cant find it with and without TAB.

Not a bad game, nothing to new either. Fairly simple questions and good layout.


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