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the great whale escape

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Author Comments

your character is the snorkeler. use the arrow keys to make him swim around the ocean.

the crabs don't do much but run away from you.
the sand castles produce air bubbles... those will help you breath... but don't over do it.
collect all 40 pearls to win. try to beat previous score



I'm not sure I understand this game...
at all


Is this for reals yo

I only gave a non-blamming score because...

Actually.. let's start at the beginning. I started by moving left, got some pearls, hit an air bubble, then ventured into the whale territory (complete darkness). Now... and I express HOW!... anybody with two firing neurons would think that "the great whale escape" would means that one should encounter and then flee from whales... eludes me (that's sarcasm for all you one neuron dupes). Apparently, you should move just far enough to the left to get some pearls, grab an air bubble, *bold* COMPLETELY AVOID WHALE TERRITORY* *unbold* then head to the right... it's ridiculous... It's like lightbot as far as the learning curve goes, except there's no sense as to what you should do to win (except what you've arbitrarily decided on, with no hint to us, the game players) and it takes 2 whole god damn minutes to figure out (by only trial and error) that we've fucked up.

I don't want to "figure out" your game... it should be at least a little intuitive. By which I mean it should be enjoyable by someone who uses their skill rather than their "knowledge" of what you decided a "win" would be.

I gave it a 2/5 because you do have some knowledge of flash, and probably spent more than 10 minutes putting this poorly thought out "game" together.

Give us some options (as to right or left), give us some levels (first 5, then 10, then sharks and 20, then sharks whales and 20, then sharks whales and 35... etc.) and I'd be happy to give this a much higher score... probably a 7.

Anyway, don't give up. You certainly have the flash skills to do much better than this! Looking forward to your next submission.

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eddandjack responds:

i do appreciate your comments... but at the beginning of the game it say to "collect pearls"
to win all you need to do is collect the pearls. if you wonder around too much the whale will eat you ... thus you failed to escape.
i made the sides dark because i thought people would not venture to far into whale zone. seeing how the object is to avoid the whale.

umm dunno what to put here

I think there is a glitch with the bubbles when I got the guy near the castle the bubbles stopped. Also I think the oxygen guage should be a bit bigger and the diver guy needs an outline or something his skin really blends in with the sand. Some audio might be nice to. Sorry about the long list of nitpicks I hope I'm not being too critical.

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eddandjack responds:

the castle should keep pumping out air bubbles ... its on a continuous loop.
i dont put audio on my games because i listen to music while i play and dont really see the need for it. but the option might be nice.
thanks for feedback

no point

no sound no music no point in playing this easy ass game

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Credits & Info

1.66 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2009
1:19 AM EST
Skill - Collect