Katrina Project

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A brief look through the eyes of a Katrina survivor.

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Rather Underrated

Personally, it's refreshing to see a film trying to strike an emotion instead of being just about the laughs or the action. The animation wasn't horrible, either, I think the word would be "sparse", but that eye turning and becoming a person would be really sweet with more frames. I'd really like to see some more work from you, there's good potential here.

Could use a little work, but definitely not bad

It's actually not bad, sorry you're getting blammed. The animation is a bit cruddy in a few places, but there are some other places where it's quite decent.

However, if you're going to resubmit something that's already been blammed you'll need to change / update the piece significantly. You can't just keep resubmitting until it passes :)

Grate Voice

Grate voice, awesome story, but the poor animation kind of ruined it all for me.
I suggest either making a better animation or just putting a slide show instead.
Grate work though!

Second time uploading, at least audio was added

So my review stays the same. Lili, Katrina, Rita, Gustav, Ike... Was horrible for me too, but I did not comprehend such an abstract flash. It almost was insulting in a way. If you really are one of the 'survivors' and this is your flash, well.. I have no constructive criticism for you, then. Your accent does not sound from Louisiana. Western Mississippi maybe?
It was well animated, though. Sorry if my review was harsh, I remember August 29th well, as it was both a day of death... and my birthday.

Credits & Info

5.00 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2009
1:21 AM EST