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This is a simple flash application which generates a random 18x18 image for your viewing.
It's different every time. Now has a button to do it again!


20x20? I counted 18x18...

Not very interesting, but the presentation is quite good, it makes it look professionally done.
It simply generates a field of random pixels. No real interaction and quickly bores you. More options and maybe the choice of creating some kind of pattern may be good.
Also, i counted the squares, apparently it 18x18. Are you sure it is 20x20?
Doesn't really make a difference through.

GolemdX responds:

Oh, I guess the thing is when I doubled the grid size, I thought it was 10x10, so I assumed it was 20x20. Going to fix that.


While I understand it's not a game, or a movie (by our most people's standards) it was mildly interesting in terms of it's color shifting and the "randomness" of it's product patterns. However, it does get boring quickly with nothing but scatter-box images. Maybe some curves next time, or a constantly shifting image?

Surprisingly good.

But not really great. Sorry man. I was surprised (because i don't know any synonyms for surprised) to see that the process was animated and the spaces had shadows. It made it look pretty professional. No real purpose, but then again, this is NG. I would've played around for much longer though, had there been a replay button after you made an image. I had to reload the page instead, and after two reloads, I got bored. AKA Good job grabbing my interest; bad job keeping it.
It would be cool to see a game made out of this, like a procedurally generated puzzle game. Not sure how you would implement it, but it would be cool.
Keep it up.


GolemdX responds:

I realized I forgot a replay button. I'll add that ASAP...

Thanks for the review, and I might be using this for a game anyways.

I thought it was cool

wow this has a score of 1.89 obviously people have no respect

GolemdX responds:

Thank you! The score has improved by 0.04 since then :P.


I like it. That's about all there is to say.


GolemdX responds:

Glad that you like it.

After all, there's no everyday use for this.
Although, you can use it to generate random 20x20 picross puzzles :P.

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2.53 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2009
6:39 PM EST
Gadgets - Other