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Rain is a puzzle arcade game where you can unlock over 30 trophies, play four different game modes, solve 50 puzzles!

Developed by Dark Realm Studios. Special thanks to Newgrounds for sponsorship! Music by cfx.

Click on a bubble in a column to drop it. Connect 3 or more colors in a line to pop them. Press buttons 1,2,3 to drop bubbles faster. More instructions available in-game.


fun game.

love the music. reminds me of the old sonic games. and the gameplay was fun to.

NOT boring

I'm not sure why everyone is whining about this game being boring. I found it to be very entertaining. The music wasn't too repetetive, the gameplay was a little slow but fun overall, and the graphics were clean and well thought out. Maybe everyone who said it is boring needs to realize that every game on newgrounds isn't going to involve blowing people up or nudity.

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has a chance of kicking ass! go a little more "Dr. Mario" on it with the speed and difficulty. i like the concept.

strange game

normal mode: it was painfully boring. i think my brain shrunk, or some brain cells died while playing it.

puzzle mode: it was entertaining. it kept me very distracted. until i accidentaly pressed the cancel button instead of the continue button. it sent me to the main menu, and there was no continue button.

timed mode: didnt want to play it, because it sounded REALLY boring.

demolition mode: meh, it was alright.

the idea wasnt so good... maybe that was why it got boring so quickly.
still, i loved how the bubbles popped.

very...umm...too bored to remember

...says it all up there/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

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3.40 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2009
5:16 PM EST
Puzzles - Falling