Bunny Invasion 2

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Thank you for my first front page and my first daily award!!! I deserve this :)
Also, if you do encounter any glitches, please tell me in detail so I can fix it as quickly as possible, and simply reload the game and load your autosave file to get rid of the bug in question.

Bunny Invasion 2 is a defence game. You play Mr Frost - A retired middle aged man.
While he's in the pub enjoying a drink, a news flash informs him that a new army of evil bunnies are taking over the country once again. He must once again defend the nation from certain destruction.

The game is bursting with original content.
60 levels, over 2 hours of game-play, 10 cut scenes, 10 types of bunny, 3 bosses, 13 weapons to buy along with multiple upgrades for each weapon, 8 general upgrades, A trophy collection system, 58 in total, along with A HUGE amount of extras, 26 of which can be unlocked using the trophies.

The game has taken over 6 months to complete and it has put my skills to the limit.
I really hope you enjoy playing the game.



This game is just fantastic. I can see you worked like a dog to get this done, and heck, you did it great.

The graphics are super, although some of the characters seemed slightly stiff and emotionless, but I have come to cope with that as your style, and I actually think it works quite well in this game.
Another great thing about this game is the sheer size of it. The first playthrough that I did lasted about an hour or so, but, being the completionist that I am, I was determined to get all the trophies and unlock the secret content. That took me, well, two and a half hours exactly. I didn't regret spending that time though. The extras were just awesome.
The number of weapons and upgrades always kept things interesting. I also liked how you made us take risks, like making us choose things such as waiting and holding out a little longer with a weaker gun in order to afford the better one, or playing it safe and getting a decent gun now. It was also tricky choosing what to upgrade. I really think you have to buy the scavenger and assistant upgrades if you want to stand a chance.

One thing that I think could improve the game overall, though, is speech. I know that you tried to include them in the cutscenes, but if there were some way to make room for some dialogue, it would improve the game, in my opinion. Although it isn't really that big of a deal, as the game is already fantastic as it is.

Anyway, thanks for making this superb, time consuming, interactive feast. =D

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GP-studios responds:

I did actually record voices for all the dialogue originally, but infortunately the quality just wasn't good enough and it didn't sound quite right, so I went back to just text.


Imagine how much i loved your first Bunny Invasion that i had to create an acount just to review this work of art!

I think it is the most flawless static defence game on NG. It is challenging enough to keep you interested in getting more cash to buy everything it has, has a great selection of enemies and bosses that kept me flaring for more zombie bunny blood. Every upgrade is usefull and almost obligatory at long terms.

I noticed this time mr frost is on the roof so it's harder to shoot bunnies (the previous game was so easy i kinda finished it with the double colts only, i missed them in here).

On the other hand it gets very laggy on the final waves (playing with low quallity and everything off) and that is just annoying, specially because that happens when the game gets his more frustrating point.

Also, when you throw a remote grenade and you don't detonate it, you won't be able to throw it on the next waves after that, unless you close the window and start fom the last save.

Finally, i have to say i would like the next Bunny Invasion to have voice dialog, it will be funnier and fresh.

So... that's it for my first review.

Almost perfect

Only thing that bothered me is after you get into the last 20 or some waves your bullets tend to go right through a bunny without damaging it, but they still kill the bunny behind it. Noticed it with all of the weapons after beating it a first time. Kinda annoying when you are blasting away with the minigun and wasting heat on the bunny behind one that is crapping something at your pub. Guess you fixed the remote grenade problem with not being able to through one even though you detonated the one you already set down. Stayed that way even after the wave was over.

Anyway that being said, I was waiting to see a sequel since I played the first BI I kinda miss the red laser targeting but that's just a minor thing. The final boss was far too easy with the upgraded mingun. Took four or five to the overheating point to kill her. Kinda anti-climactic if ya ask me. Almost halfway though the second playthrough I got all the trophies and unlocked everything. Nice yellow suit by the way. Best outfit for Frostie if ya ask me.

Bunny Rapage!

This game is so addictive... I can't believe I enjoy ending the lives of cute, little, innocent and.... DEADLY, VICIOUS, SCARY HARES, YOU MUST DIE!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!


dude that is a fun game i played it for a looong time ha i think ill play it again thanx XD

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Feb 25, 2009
1:08 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed
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