Joy Ride

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You have to drive to reach the goal.
Press right arrow key to move the car.
Press left arrow key to stop the car.
Press up arrow key to jump.
Click mouse on objects on the screen!


A game where you can jump over a river, but not a house shooting things. Why?
Improve the graphics, add a story and include some fun.

wat the hell

it sux so much.


Im not to sure about this one. I can see what you were aiming at but definately needs a lot more work. It has the potential to be a very good game but needs a lot of work and maybe a story line. oh and the jump thing was pretty pointless. sort out the graphics, gameplay, story and the puzzles in each area then the next one could be something special. 4/10 2/5

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Blamya responds:

Much is said about these things. But the bottom line is who pays for the time and effort of the artist?


This game sux!! The drawning were very bad, there wasn't anything remoting challenging about it, it was WAAAAAYYY too easy, and there was no point to this game.

Blamya responds:


This game sux.

Everything is so crudely drawn, The Jump feature doesn't like to work right like when I was trying to jump the river or not at all when I would try and avoid the shooting house, but then I figured out that u could click a boulder to destroy the house. Then when I get to the next level, there's this man holding a pinwheel-like weapon which he uses to smash ur car if u get close to it without clicking on the cloud before moving in that level. The Next level after that I get hit by a tractor if I don't close the gate on it first. Then on the last level u cant drive without clicking on the little yellow bird on the tree above u when u enter that level, or you'll get a "Don't Hurt The Birds" message. Tweak this game up a bit more and give it more levels and it might be good.

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Blamya responds:

LOL It's very easy, is'nt it.

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1.94 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2009
12:42 AM EST
Adventure - RPG