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This is my first in hopefully a series of philosophical questions to ask and I thought I might as well start with one of my own.

The music is done by myself along with the animations but look beyond this and try to criticise the philosophy more so than the flash itself.

If you want to listen to the song again here is the link http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/215843

Thanks for your time.

Edit: The bit rate of the song isn't good at all, if you like it then go have a listen to it seperately.

P.S. Thanks for all the insight and comments, you have got me thinking, will reply to all the posts tomorrow, need to catch up on sleep. Will spend a lot more time animating next time.


that philosophy is bullshit.

your philosophy is bullshit. yes we all origonated from early forms of life that is true. and people are treated indecently that is also true. but one person is not everything.

that doesnt even make sense. i can see your veiw of how were all the same (although i dont agree i can see where you get that idea) but just because were all the same doesnt mean one of us is all of us.

its like if you have a pitri dish and you put a tiny sample in the middle. all the bacteria growth origonated from the bacteria in the middle but a tiny peice of it isnt theentire dish worth. one bacteriea is not all bacteria.

and plus this isnt even a good flash. there wasnt anything that really caught my eye. it was just simple text effects.

poor work my freind, poor.

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Jewelz123 responds:

By saying that I am everything, I don't mean just myself as a human being but inclusive of everything around me, so I used I instead of we because I is the term given to 1 whereas we would be many and was just trying to express that we are all 1 but kinda phrased it wrong I guess.

Will definitely put more effort into my next flash.

interesting idea......poorly executed?

I liked the idea - a bit deeper than the average NG stuff..... but:

1) really didn't like the text morphing
2) was too slow - i read fast - maybe put buttons in to allow skipping to the next bit
3) not so sure about the philosphy....

But this was a bold idea

SO - 3/5 6/10

Jewelz123 responds:

Ye I'm gonna definately spend more time on the next one, I juts wanted to see what people would think of something like this and since the majority have liked it I am going to put a lot more effort into the next one and make it interactive and stuff :D


So, what difference does it make if the universe has expanded from a primordial initial condition or a God created a part and another God created another part a hundred years later? We're not part of the same thing, if you cut a piece of paper in two they're two different parts just like a piece of wood and a piece of metal. Rated low just because it has no effort in it, just some motion and shape tweens.


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Jewelz123 responds:

Lol fair enough mate.

My thoughts

In quantum mechanics, anything that has ever come into contact with anything else is said to be forever "tethered" to it. Two electroncs, once together, now on opposite ends of the universe: if one undergoes a change it will cause a change in the other electron instantaneously, they're tethered in non-locality (space doesn't really exist). So if everything arose from the big bang, everything is tethered with... well, everything! We're all one dynamic equation where every human, animal, plant, stone, atom is constantly affecting every other human, animal, plant, stone, atom.

Allowing or not allowing others to suffer is a a social construct, and in the grander scheme of things, merely the effect of our DNA's coding. Early on in human evolution we needed to either fight for our lives or run away, this was programmed by our DNA and accounts for our survival. These days, with the exception of "da ghetto", this coding is not really required, but we haven't had long enough to evolve "out" of that coding. It still keeps people alive more than it kills (just hurting someone doesn't count in an evolutionary sense unfortunately). Fortunately for us though, we're living in an age where we can consciously "reprogram" our behavior, and to hell with what our DNA first told us. People just need to have a reason, to think about such things. Your movie certainly helps people do that. Good job, and I'm looking forward to the next one!

Jewelz123 responds:

Ye I totally agree with you in the balance of the universe part, I was not meant to bring up the morality views in the flash and have managed to by putting in that line about suffering so am going to make one about the views of morality and how its developed through our evolution etc.

I like your second paragraph, its very interesting :)

By the way can you recommend any basic books on quantum mechanics to help me maybe understand the basic grasps of some of the stuff in it?

We are all

ultimately giant assholes.

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