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Feb 24, 2009 | 4:36 PM EST

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This is my first in hopefully a series of philosophical questions to ask and I thought I might as well start with one of my own.

The music is done by myself along with the animations but look beyond this and try to criticise the philosophy more so than the flash itself.

If you want to listen to the song again here is the link /audio/listen/215843

Thanks for your time.

Edit: The bit rate of the song isn't good at all, if you like it then go have a listen to it seperately.

P.S. Thanks for all the insight and comments, you have got me thinking, will reply to all the posts tomorrow, need to catch up on sleep. Will spend a lot more time animating next time.



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I would have to agree with most of these comments.

That (as I know it) the big bang theory does not say that we are all one like pantheinism. Just that everything came from one specific point. But it is very reliving to see someone trying to engauge others in thought. Instead of just pumping something else out to shoot stuff or make a flash about certain human body parts. Thanks

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Jewelz123 responds:

Ye dude, tbh I'm not 100% sure about any of this either that's why its so good to engage with others to see how they feel and how they can help to find flaws in a certain theory and introduce you to another one or an alternative :)


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this is more of a religious question...but it still got us to think and was that not the point of the flash?

Jewelz123 responds:

Ye dude it was totally the point of the flash but I don't totally agree that its religious because there is no right answer to this that we know of, unlike religion which seems to have all the right answers, kinda thing.


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I like that you posed a serious question. this is one of the few, if only intelligent things on Newgrounds (no offense to NG). We are made up from the material that the big bang created which was hydrogen. This Hydrogen formed stars, which through fusion created all the elements in existence. Then after the elements emitted from a star formed our solar system, and Earth cooled to the point where it became a solid, volcanoes emitted gases such as CO2 which formed an atmosphere. Then, the oceans formed and life was able to begin in the oceans out of an element called Carbon. (there are many theories about how this happened and I don't feel like explaining it so look it up if you're curious). These microscopic organisms evolved until they became humans. So to answer your question, we aren't all the same, but we are all made up of the same things. Therefore, discrimination is based solely on insignificant external differences. The only difference between any of the races is quantity of skin pigment. However, to answer your other question concerning why we discriminate, there are few answers. When we first began to organize into nations and eventually nation states, usually they were made up of people of similar traits. So when people saw others that were different than themselves they were weary because that person could be part of a different nation state that could be their enemy. So it became an evolutionary response to be wary of those who are different than you. Of course leaders used this to their advantage by encouraging this fear as an excuse to declare war, use another race for cheap labor, or commit genocide. This is speaking from a scientific stand point. I figure that's the best way to answer a question such as this.

Jewelz123 responds:

Spot on mate, totally agree with everything you said there. I didn't mean to bring up the question of morality in this flash so am going to repose it in the next flash. Ye, after some thought I've come to the conclusion that we are not all the same on the level that we see one another but we are all rather than just 1 person, millions of atoms so when we see someone else, we represent them as 1 person whilst they are millions of molecules and on a molecular level, going even further the electron level, we are all made up of the same fundamental things just arranged differently and this arrangement and combination is what makes us distinct from what another, yet if we zoom out and see the universe as a whole, it is all the same, just with a variety of arrangements. Dunno if this is right but this is what I think at the moment.


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evolution happened

I see how you are trying to get people to start thinking deeply this question has technically been answered before, I am an anthropology major and this is my study, no we did not come from the same place, evolution wasn't one event that happened at a certain time there have been many many different species of our "ancestors" and many different periods where evolution could have changed the fact that we all came from the same species, this is not true, good flash though

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Jewelz123 responds:

Ye interesting view, but bear in mind that I'm looking at it as a bigger picture rather than just as specifically as a human race in this time. Ultimately, what I am confused about is are we all recycled matter and energy directly created from the source or has energy been created after the very beginning of time, because then wouldn't it mean that energy has been created when it is said that it can only me transferred? Maybe I am confusing the link between energy and the creation of matter, but basically I am just wondering that is the world we are in now just a recycled and reshaped version of what was provided from the beginning or has new stuff been created as a result of what existed from the beginning, because even though atoms split (don't know if I used the right phrase) it has still only come from the original version of the atom regardless of whether it has split into two. That is what I was trying to get at. Dunno maybe I phrased it wrong but ye I do agree in what you said :)


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Everything isnt the same...

Good concept at least your thinking deep. But we are all not the same because every human life form has its own soul, Neutral (Grey), Light (white) or Dark (Black). Each soul determines the individuality of a person and therefore we are all different and unique in our own ways. As for big bang theory if your looking for a scientific answer then you could believe that and if your looking for a spiritual answer then you could say it was all the Creator's doing. Regardless of what you want to believe no answer on this site will give you a concrete proven answer... It's in what you believe through your subjective perspective you've attained in this lifetime.

Jewelz123 responds:

Ye I know, the real truth is a lot harder to discover than we believe but all I am trying to do is find my own truth and something to stick with provided it makes logical sense to me. I like your last line and totally agree with that. Its our perception that ultimately makes us evade the truth to its fullest extent. By the way, have you got a book or something that you could recommend that goes over the theory of neutral, light, black and the soul stuff, its sounds very interesting.