alien exterminator

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hello NG
this game was supposed to be a simple shooter game, which (for good or bad) ended up as a semi RPG shooter game.

WASD or arrow keys to move
keys 1 to 4 to change weapon
P to pause
R reload gun
mouse click to shoot

TIP: when starting a new game. visit the base first. you can buy better guns and upgrades from the merchants there. personally i think the lasgun is the most worth-it gun you can buy at the early stages.

SPOILER: you can buy really cool guns from the NPCs in the powerplants or crashsites after you've cleared them. start out by buying a reload upgrade and a bandolier upgrade, then buy the gatlaser and stock up on ammos. once you clear any of the sites above and buy the really bad-ass weapons, the game gets really easy.

FIXED: ammo/buy bug where you lose everything you bought. sorry bout that



it doesn,t starts, i click play one thousand of times and it doesn't starts, the same whit the other options.

I'm writing this as I play so I'll remember...

NOW, I liked the game - wasn't a bad piece of work at all. Good music+effects, graphics and animation had a good gritty mood to them.

I have a lot to write so let's get to business:

1. GUI notes:
some very simple things could be done for a better. easier and smoother user interface. First of all there's no real use of staying in a level once you've cleared it. even if an NPC appears after clearing - he'll only appear once you've left and reentered - so what's the point? Once the level ends, just throw the player back to the map screen - no fuss. This would also make random encounters a lot less annoying as well.
When finishing the level have the total money view include the money you just earned. Seeing a 'Total' sum which does NOT include the earned money - is just confusing...
I believe the different level kinds hint towards what kind of aliens you'll be encountering and the level difficulty. This could all be clearer.
I would not only state how many aliens you will encounter - but what kind, if they'll be shooting or not (perhaps a separate screen with alien info) and level difficulty. All this could show up for a smoother gaming experience - and frankly just so you'll know where to start up more or less. Adding the amount of enemies left in a level fatality counter would help. As in if there are 10 aliens in the level and I've killed 3, make it show 3/10 kills. Again - a simpler interface and with more info gives the player a smoother more enjoyable experience, and makes the game look more PROFESSIONAL.

2. Balancing and Upgrading:
Some of the problems I might being up here might also be cleared simply by creating an easier, more informational user interface as written above.

You start out the game with 2000 credits which seems quite a lot, and you CAN buy quite a lot. And although I did buy different weapons and some upgrades, I died by my first try of a level. Tried it a few times more - ended up with a monatery minus, which somewhat impeded on my continual gameplay.
Ended up simply restarting the game and upgrading a new - which is pretty funny. I see you HAVE given tips towards what to buy and how to upgrade - but frankly all this should be IN-GAME, not simply for the gamers sake (so he'll actually be able to SURVIVE) but for your sake as well - so people will actually keep on playing the game and not give up by their first try - like I almost did.
And of course, as I've mentioned earlier, having more information on levels could help as well.

Having most upgrades in one place was an interesting choice, but won't a better balanced set of levels with a sales men appearing more frequently in finished levels, and less of them available by the beginning give extra merit to finishing levels. and make upgrading less confusing?

All in all information on guns seems quite scarce...what strength is it? Is there area damage? 'Gun Class' just seemed kind of vague - especially when you had two of the same number guns with the same class...what are the differences?
The only way to really find out is to actually buy these weapons, and starting out you don't really have many options for money making - especially if you haven't been upgrading well.

And that's that MONEY - since upgrading is essential to gameplay, if you've done it wrong you're basically f***ed. Perhaps earning more money from random encounters could solve the problem?
Now random encounters starting out seem useless (and annoying) you don't fight many aliens (VERY easy battles - considering the regular levels moreso), and so don't earn a lot of money. While it DOES raise gameplay time - it's more useless grinding than anything else...how about upping the amount of aliens per random encounters from EARLIER ON?
Having a long game is good and all - but a decent flowing gaming experience seems to mean so much more.

3. Gameplay:

While shooting aliens is cool, most levels seemed bare even with obstacles. How about adding health\clip\coin (?) powerups for better balancing, extra gameplay value and balancing?

Thanks for the game - hope to see more soonest!

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changko18 responds:

thanks for the review. i hope to make a better one soon.

i'd like to add more details and balancing unfortunately im only one person coming up with original art, sfx, gameplay and music, and on top of that i have to earn money too. but hey, if i find the time ill make a 2nd part and ill keep all those suggestions in mind.

i strongly agree on the lack of user friendliness in the interface. to tell you the truth, i had a really hard time stuffing necessary info and graphics into a space of 600x400 without making the fonts unreadable.

oh and i dont make games for everyone. i have a specific target audience in mind. personally i like games where i have to try things out for myself rather than have it spoonfed, and i make games for people like myself. i do appreciate it though that some people who may not be so inclined to like my games do happen to like them.

first aswsom game but...

two words fallout 2 if anyone has played that this is as close you will get with out buying it or loading up right now havent seen a flash like this in a long time good work man.

Not bad at all!

Its a great little game, but the music could be better. Other than that its pretty replayable. Nice work.

A very good one!

One of my fav game here in newgrounds.. !

Good music, good sound effects and good graphs .. too bad its a short game.

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4.39 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2009
11:17 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional
  • Daily 5th Place February 25, 2009