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alien exterminator

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hello NG
this game was supposed to be a simple shooter game, which (for good or bad) ended up as a semi RPG shooter game.

WASD or arrow keys to move
keys 1 to 4 to change weapon
P to pause
R reload gun
mouse click to shoot

TIP: when starting a new game. visit the base first. you can buy better guns and upgrades from the merchants there. personally i think the lasgun is the most worth-it gun you can buy at the early stages.

SPOILER: you can buy really cool guns from the NPCs in the powerplants or crashsites after you've cleared them. start out by buying a reload upgrade and a bandolier upgrade, then buy the gatlaser and stock up on ammos. once you clear any of the sites above and buy the really bad-ass weapons, the game gets really easy.

FIXED: ammo/buy bug where you lose everything you bought. sorry bout that

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Nice game but could have been better. Bought minigun and smg as back-up, used minigun until I cleared the first crash site and got the railgun (which I didn't actually shoot) and hypergun which I used for the rest of the game. Didn't get henchmen, couldn't upgrade gear beyond level 4, don't know if it's a bug, but I managed to clear everything, felt somewhat underwhelming like there should have been something more. Didn't like the auto-save feature (I don't know what's even the point of the save button) since if you die you're left out there with wasted ammo and can't load and try again.