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alien exterminator

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hello NG
this game was supposed to be a simple shooter game, which (for good or bad) ended up as a semi RPG shooter game.

WASD or arrow keys to move
keys 1 to 4 to change weapon
P to pause
R reload gun
mouse click to shoot

TIP: when starting a new game. visit the base first. you can buy better guns and upgrades from the merchants there. personally i think the lasgun is the most worth-it gun you can buy at the early stages.

SPOILER: you can buy really cool guns from the NPCs in the powerplants or crashsites after you've cleared them. start out by buying a reload upgrade and a bandolier upgrade, then buy the gatlaser and stock up on ammos. once you clear any of the sites above and buy the really bad-ass weapons, the game gets really easy.

FIXED: ammo/buy bug where you lose everything you bought. sorry bout that

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this game was fun if only i had better aiming and not a laptop


This is the funnest game I've played on newgrounds in a while. The Lasrifle is really beast. Good Job.


I didn't like having to go back and forth to the base to get supplies. I also would have liked if you could have at least one other henchman you could have with you. Other than that it is a very fun game, I give a 9.

Not bad

The game is pretty enjoyable, although it gets somewhat boring when you are halfway through any location. I think if you lessened the amount of aliens (and ammo too, for balance) it could help reducing the feeling of deja vu, when yet another wave of aliens comes.

Also I lacked alien ammo sellers - I found it annoying, that I had to return to base every 2-3 nests to refill ammo.

But good job doing the game anyway.

Good and clearcut

This is a game that works very well because you are really able to simply go out and do what you need to. At first, I thought it would be more like an RPG and I am glad it was not. The best thing is that you give your player a lot of room to go around and shoot those aliens. It definitley gets a lot harder as it goes on and quickly. You have to form strategy by specifically looking at how the guys are coming. It seems to be realistic as you can not just shoot wherever you want and bullets do not go through the background when firing.

It was also fun to just shoot those little bushes and trees while nothing else was going on. The designs of the aliens are good, but need to be a little fancier. The music was also fairly fine. I like how you have such a large space to go and fight so you can form strategy by running to a different part of the level. The sound effects seem in order too.

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4.37 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2009
11:17 AM EST
  • Daily 5th Place February 25, 2009