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The Dungeon Quest Parody

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Hi everyone, here i come with my second flash, this is a parody of a final fantasy quest or something like that, its not difficult and its not a chalenge, but its funny. I know Its a bit short, but i have put lot of effort into this game, so enjoy it. :D
Sprites from Final Fantasy 4
Music from their respectives artists

Edit: Sorry for the load time, i will work on that


Improve the graphics, more content and music. Load time is too long.

How does this little thing take so dang long to load?! I feel sorry for anyone trying to use dial-up to play this.

Low score for the ridiculously and unnecessarily long loading time. But, having worked with sprites for a long time(mostly comics that never saw the light of day) I have a pretty good idea of how long this took to make. The sprite animations were pretty smooth, even when they moved or changed direction. I couldn't possibly code anything like this any time soon. For a short little thing, you did well..... not counting the loading thing. (I suggest looking up ways to lower the file size. That will probably help.)

The Shoop was unexpected, but more "facepalm, groan and roll your eyes" rather than funny. And why does the heal only recover 20-30 hp???


This was a very silly little short I loved the Shoop da woop hope you make more soon!

Oh God another one...

The cliche of the Laser or "LAZOR BIOTCH!" like most say... is used in just about everything... and lately... Ive been happy because i haven't seen if very often. You ruined the streak with this. I do not wish to be a real jerk to you but really... that was really short, i didn't even smirk at the joke, the walk was long, it took you probably 2 minutes to make this, and what i hate the most... that you were being racial... and that you were misspelling things in your end credits. One, no one uses those very often, and only in video parodies. Two, if your going to write something, GET A SPELL CHECK. It makes you one heck of a lot more sophisticated (Intelligent... Smart) when you use grammar and spelling. Done waste time with these unless your fooling around and tell people that... or if you just make it to see what will come out, but if you do this, dont actually post it. I am sorry if i have offended you or have hurt your spirit for flash, i realize it is only your second flash but hey, most people who got really big on flash... didn't post their first ones until they got better and better.
Good Luck on your next submissions, i am awaiting what you have done in your next ones.

-Mike Holiday

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dark-templar responds:

wow thats a headshot for me... but its truth. thank you for the comment


it is funny but short ith only one freakin fight next time if there will be one try to add more plot like he was just there in a dungeon. randomly but seriosly try a little harder next time

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dark-templar responds:

well, i made this game for comedy purposes only, i know its short, my next game will be a serious game.

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2.60 / 5.00

Feb 23, 2009
7:07 PM EST
Adventure - RPG