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I needed a break from the new Vector game I'm working on, so I whipped up Superstar Combo in a couple of days. It actually turned out better than I thought it would. Some people have been able to score over 300,000.

Shoot the paddle with the left and right arrow keys. Collect the gold stars for points, and the blue superstars for mega points (although superstar pickups only count on a clean run). Each time you make it across without hitting a slab, your combo multiplier goes up by 1. If you get hit, your multiplier drops by 3. Earn bonus points for near misses! Score as high as you can in 100 seconds. The R key can be used to restart at any time.

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Different, but good

This was a very different game to play but luckily I always notice a game or cartoon's uniqueness. I thought this was going to be something really flashy, but it actually was not. I think you used the sound from "Sonic The Hedgehog" to create the effects for this. As it got more difficult, you really had to time what you wanted. After awhile, you can simply go whenever those red blocks are not in front of you. It was a nice touch to throw in bonuses you could get for various reasons.

I would suggest that you work on having a background as a game without one does feel like it's really lacking something. The best thing about this is that you really managed to make something simple a lot of fun. It is hard to understand it at first. I thought maybe I was supposed to click on the stars or something. As there are 100 seconds, it was good to set up a limit because it gets frustrating as it goes on.

simple, but I like it

Its quick, its simple, its fun! I think its great that near misses reward extra points.
Doesn't really have much of a lasting appeal though, its the kind of mini-game that might work well in one of those larger games that have lots of mini games in them.

Bit Boring

Not very exciting game


Hey, this was fun!

Nice work, cool concept...


Fun game to play

All i can say it's fast and addictive try to get a mega score by getting all the stars without being hit by the slabs. But this is a very fun game to play even when it get so intense i give this superstar combo here a 10/10.

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3.76 / 5.00

Feb 23, 2009
11:59 AM EST
Skill - Avoid