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The Slide

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Author Comments

Well I have a lot of things to point out, but lets just start with the animation itself,
It has 1228 frames
fps 24
dimensions 700x450
I made it in like two weeks (I wasn't animating every day)

Now the Thanks
I really want to thank my friend, his name is Mark Mesmay (Mesmay on NGs) we're going to run new website called T&M studios, T for Tony Tripes (Tawnik) and M for Mark Mesmay (Mesmay), yes we have way the coolest names on this planet :P We're going to put all of our stuff there, so, if you want to see more by us, definitely wait for T&M !! =)

Theres another friend I have to thank, his nickname is M1CKEH/Toonking/Dj Vapour (different sites, different names) He did the credits music, hes awesome pianist, but he just didnt have the time to compose something for me..I hope you'll hear his music in T&M animations :)

And, theres the last thing (for now), Im in love with this smiley "=)"

I forgot to say, feel free to ask me whatever you want to know about me, Mesmay,T&M, or my animations

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thats gotta hurt...

Reminds me of home.

I really liked this but I read the comments so the ending got ruined for me. But I so I wasnt surprised XD reminds me of all the syringes people have been taping to doorknobs around here.

I still lol that people are dumb enough to grab onto them without seeing the big needle pointing out. Or that people could slide down a slide without seeing the nail.

Tawnik responds:

haha poor you, this animation was supposed to make you "lmao" or "lol at least :D

I forgot to tell you that the kid was blind, yeah, its true =( nah, he wasnt blind, I dont really care about why he didnt see that nail.. :DDD


I lol'd

And I know this was not what you were going for, but my favorite part was the credits, they were really well done

I guess you didn't lie when you said they were epic

Tawnik responds:

Haha, that was "epic credits" for Mesmay :D then music etc

I know, a lot of people like the credits the most, but if you lol'd it okay to say the credits are the best :D


reminds me of the slide that was at my local park. before it was set on fire.

Tawnik responds:


Great animation!

Short but ever so tantalizingly sweet! :D
The split in half was just beautiful, except I wanted to see some organs...

Tawnik responds:

that is weird man =( you should visit doctor :D
lol, sorry, no organs for you this time :)