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Scape Jumper

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I had fun making this and i'm sure you will have fun playing it. I decided to make just and easy going, relaxing and simple platformer. What more fun than jumping over buildings and being a cave dweller underground? You will surely enjoy this!

Note: Yes there are some bugs regarding collision. I'm not perfect but feel free to tell me about any thanks!

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This was just nice.

Its great to see a nice and simple game every once in a while, know what I mean? The controls were great and there were no real flaws with them. The music was nice. The only thing you should do to improve in increase the graphics.

I also heard about the second game.
Maybe instead of a black and white background and such you could have colors. Along with playing as a full body character instead of a stick guy. Maybe have some customization options?

xHeavyMetalx responds:

Thanks for reviewing

fuckin yeaa!!!

this game cant get any simpler. jump around and dont die. what gets better than that?!

xHeavyMetalx responds:

Right on!

huh, pretty weak

Nothing more, than random jump flash, without any goal.
We got poor textures, few attempts at verbal show-off in the background, and some music.
Guessing that the latter is the best thing in it.

xHeavyMetalx responds:

Well im sorry you feel that way. Texture style is meant to be hat way.

good game.

It can be way better though, fix the jumping and maybe up the graphics.

Very buggy colisions.

Very buggy colisions in this ''game''
And there is nothing more than pointless jumping.
What i can say though is that the colissions are buggy and other things like the buildings looking a bit crappy.
But not bad.

xHeavyMetalx responds:

Well the concept is to just as simple and easy going as possible. Nothing that hurts the eye.