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Missed an episode of Naruto? Pokemon got to censored? Always wanted to know what BLeach is like? I made the ultimate competition anime movie to answer all questions.
With special guest star Inspector Meguire, in this movie the Impossible guy, as honour for the fact he's always there to yell " WHAAAT?!!" at every stupid plottwist there is in Detective Conan, no matter how lame, predicteble and tame.
Here's to you! (toasts)

And thanks to Xhog, Silk, Moonwulf and Zamie for voices!

All anime are made by their owners.. my favorite credit ever.


its okay

the fightiy fihgt thing was really funny the third time used but then you started using it way to much and it was not funny any more. i think in the next one you sould say fighty fight a few times and be done with that. it was good but you could of done much better

Incredibly shoddy voice acting.

"Im a fightier fighty fight than you! derp derp!"

The voices were so strained and horrible. I can see you tried to pull off some exaggerations, like "What! That's Impossible!" but they didn't work out. The graphics were also pretty bad.

Fighty fight fight!lol!

That was funny.Im not a fan of anime,but i still thought that this was good.The backgrounds were nice and the voice acting was fluent.it was good overall.


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What happen?

i'm sorry roger but this is not funny as ur other movie
i mean... fight,fighty,fightier,fightiest, seriously what the hell?
i don't even watch the entire movie, coz naruto and the other keep sayin' the same stuff again and again, for example "that's imposible"
once again i'm sorry roger...but the joke doesn't make any sense at all
hope ur next movie will be better than these one

I thouht it was hilarious!

Anyone who didn't has no sense of humor, I am officially a subscriber of urs, and will look forward to episode 26.

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3.68 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2009
7:56 PM EST
Comedy - Parody